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Historic Interiors

UvA Historic Interiors
Historic interior conservation. Photo: UvA.

Historic interiors are fascinating because of their time layered structures. Generations before us have lived and worked in the spaces we see before us, adapted to their individual needs.

The archeology of the interior makes this specialisation unique and challenging. When we are talking about conservation, we are usually focused on the materials, but in Historic interiors the these can never be seen separated from the surrounding space: there is a synergy between the concept and the materials used.

Within Historic Interiors there are many subjects to specialise in: you can focus on a specific material (e.g. gilt leather, wall-paper, murals), a period (e.g. post-war), architectural paint research or advanced preventive conservation. What they all have in common is that the conservation practice in historic interiors is often complex. They are often still in use and often a wide range of parties is involved: architects, house owners, foundations, monuments committees, house painters and construction workers, wich makes practical work on site an inspiring challenge.


Historic Interior Conservation students often work on site, for example in the Wester Church in Enkhuizen (for an impression, check out this video in Dutch) and the Van Doesburg Rinsema huis in Drachten (for an impression, check out this video in Dutch). During the post-master phase, conservation trainees do internships by them selves. For an impression read this interview with Williane van der Sar.