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UvA Paintings Conservation
Paintings conservation. Photo: Emilie Froment.

For centuries, our ancestors have painted, admired and collected paintings. Paintings conservation was one of the first conservation disciplines to climb to an academic level.

As a result, paintings conservators can rely on an extensive body of knowledge of artist techniques, degradation processes within paintings, including the consequences of conservation treatments. The academically trained paintings conservator is in need of such research, due to the material and technical complexity of paintings.

In the paintings conservation programme students investigate the materials and layers that together form a painting and experience in reconstruction projects how painting practices changed over time. They study how paintings change with age, and how past treatments influence their current condition.

Working with real paintings, students learn how to conserve both their materials and aesthetic qualities, while considering their historical contexts. To do so, they make use of state of the art research techniques.

Please note that the first year of the post-initial training will take place at the SRAL in Maastricht. Students are expected to move to Maastricht for this year.