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Conservation and Restoration

Wood and Furniture

UvA Conservation Wood and Furniture
Wood and furniture conservation. Photo: Mathijs Terstegen

The Wood and Furniture programme offers equal doses of theory and practice. Adding to the science subjects offered by the wider Master’s course, theoretical subjects include furniture history and analysis of wood species, varnishes, binding media and colouring agents.

Hand skills are developed by training in historical craft practices, from basic cabinetmaking methods to decorative techniques, such as marquetry, carving and gilding, many of which are taught by specialist visiting lecturers. Conservation techniques are tought and applied in the restoration of period furniture and historic wooden objects. Students learn to combine the many diverse aspects of the profession, both scientific and hands-on, in the treatment of objects. The wood conservation studio is fully equipped and provides each student with his or her own workbench.


Wood and Furniture conservation student Tess Graafland about her training at the University of Amsterdam (video in Dutch).

Wood and Furniture conservation student Federica van Adrichem about her training at Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage programme (video in Dutch).