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Villa Noailles

July 2015, Hyères, France

In 2015 the first Summer School will be held in the Villa Noailles in Hyères. This Summer School will be held during the last two weeks of July and focuses upon two rooms in the villa. Villa Noailles was designed and built between 1923 and 1933 by the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens in close cooperation with the Noailles themselves. The interior of the villa was designed and realised in the same period by several designers and artists, including the Dutch Theo van Doesburg and Sybold van Ravensteyn. The 2015 Summer School will involve a reconstruction of the wall painting designed by Theo van Doesburg in the ‘Chambre des Fleurs’ and research of the colours used in the ‘Chambre d’amis’ by Sybold van Ravensteyn. The Summer School is organised by the UvA Conservation and Restoration Department in close cooperation with Villa Noailles.