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Conservation and Restoration


Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture

Most conservation research projects are placed with the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM).

Research at AHM is organised around five research themes and clustered in various research groups. Materiality and Material Culture is a theme that our researchers contribute to most, focussing on the analysis, documentation, interpretation of materials and material culture in the past and present. 

Conservation and Restoration research staff members collaborate in three research groups of the school:

The Contemporary Art Conservation research group seeks to sustain a collaborative approach with research institutes and museums, and to consolidate the international network that has been built over the years through network meetings, workshops, and symposia to foster new research projects.

This research group consists of researchers working within one of the three closely related disciplines centred on practice and object based research with a strong technical emphasis in the field of cultural heritage: Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Technical Art History, and Conservation Science. 

Modern oral history analyses the transformation of memories and subjectivities over time. For conservation this is not only relevant in relation to the use of artist interviews as a source in decision-making on conservation treatments, it is also a way to capture relevant information of previous generations of conservators on issues that have been left undocumented.

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