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Conservation and Restoration


Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity

One of the priority areas in academic research at AIHR is Cultural Heritage and Identity, which is expressed through the Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity: ACHI.

The mission of ACHI is to explore the effects of cultural heritage processes of identity formation and the effects of identities on the meanings attributed to cultural heritage. This is organised in several domains and Conservation and Display is one, which includes research on Material Trajectories and Perceptual Trajectories, as reflected in various conservation research projects.

Our externally funded research projects reflect both the ideas of Material Trajectories and Perceptual Trajectories in Conservation and Display. On a more fundamental level this is examined in Paint Alterations in Time (PAinT), which explores the chemical processes causing changes in oil paintings. The Network for Conservation of Contemporary Art Research (NeCCAR) is based on the idea of artworks having a cultural biography. This network collaborates in the Marie Curie ITN New Approaches in the Conservation of Contemporary Art (NACCA).

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