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Conservation and Restoration

Past PhD Projects

To the best of knowledge and ability

A.-J. Roubo’s L’Art du menuisier on interior woodwork and cabinetmaking in the eighteenth century
Herman den Otter, specialisation Wood and Furniture

The eighteenth-century treatise entitled L’Art du menuisier (Paris, 1769-1775) is widely considered to be the richest source of information on the manufacture of interior woodwork and furniture. This study aims to analyse the structure and content of L’Art du menuisier and surveys the context in which it came into being. Will the work prove to be as essential to our knowledge and interpretation of interior woodwork and furniture as it is generally supposed to be? 
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Between Concept and Material

Working with Conceptual Art: A Conservator’s Testimony
Sanneke Stigter, specialisation Contemporary Art

Conceptual art challenges the idea of traditional art conservation. Critical of its own material form, conceptual art seems to negate the unique material object in art, celebrating the idea instead. But how to preserve a concept when you have material to work with? 
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Historical Recipes for Preparatory Layers for Oil Paintings in Manuals, Manuscripts and Handbooks in North West Europe, 1550-1900

Analysis and Reconstructions
Maartje Stols-Witlox, specialisation Paintings

Grounds, or preparatory layers, form the basis of nearly all artistic oil paintings. They have an enormous impact on the ‘success’ of a painting, influencing both its aesthetical qualities and its longevity.
For this thesis, a large collection of recipes was investigated, consisting of c. 700 historical recipes for ground preparation and c. 300 related quotes from historical sources.
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