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Medieval History

Getijdeboek 1480 tronie

Medieval history is occupied with the history of culture of Europe and its neighbors from late Antiquity to the Protestant Reformation (ca. 500 - ca. 1500). As the best documented premodern culture this period offers a unique insight into human experiences and behaviors. Moreover, medieval developments had a clear impact on the modern world. Present-day geopolitics, religion, agriculture, trade, architecture, and and literature find their origins in the Middle Ages.


Medieval historians at the UvA are active participants in different collaborations and research projects concerning themes such as public health in the city, trade networks, literary culture, popular and elite culture, deviance and corruption. At the moment there are three research projects in this group that are financed through NWO and ERC:



Medieval historians currently offer the following courses:

  • All first-year History students follow an introduction to medieval history.
  • In the second and third years elective are offered about crusading, travel narratives, palaeography and literary culture, eating and drinking, and medieval Amsterdam. In 2017-18 it is possible to follow a minor degree in medieval history and culture.
  • There are furthermore medieval-oriented discussion groups in courses such as the Research Seminar, History Lab and the obligatory courses in the second and third years.
  • Medievalists also lead courses in the Research MA Program, the regular MA and the MA in urban history.