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Languages at the UvA

Catalan at the UvA

Catalan is a Romance language spoken by millions every day. Would you like to learn Catalan? The University of Amsterdam offers several modules in Catalan language and culture.

You can choose from the following electives on Catalan:

  • Catalan 1a (block 1)
  • Catalan 1b (block 2)
    Entry requirement: Catalan 1a followed
  • Catalan 2 (block 4 and 5)
    Entry requirement: Catalan 1a successfully completed and 1b followed

Through Catalan 1 and 2 you will acquire a general speaking, reading and listening comprehension in Catalan, which you will use as a basis for analysing distinctive traits of the Catalan culture. You will acquire knowledge about the historical, cultural and social context in which the Catalan language was created and is spoken. Furthermore, we will discuss relevant themes such as minority languages, nationality and identity. The language of instruction is English (and Catalan).

Please visit the UvA Course Catalogue for a detailed overview of our modules:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the coordinator of our Catalan modules, Anna Escofet Vilá: