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Languages at the UvA

Mediterranean Studies

At the University of Amsterdam you can study a range of courses in the field of Mediterranean Studies.

For centuries, the Mediterranean has been a key space for the demarcation of a ‘European identity’, as well as a key site for the projection of European power, from empires of old to more recent (post)colonial adventures. At the same time, we can also discern a long history of cultural continuity along Mediterranean shores, which leads us to question the way in which this sea is all-too-often presented as a dividing water, separating civilizations.

Today, the Mediterranean region is in many ways the most pressing space of engagement for the EU, seen as the source of some of the most difficult challenges for the Union: from the management of mass migration flows, to uneven (and growingly so) economies. While at the turn of the millennium the Mediterranean was still being envisioned as part of a ‘ring of friends’ surrounding the Union, today it is described as ‘a ring of fire’: a space of danger, and the source of a variety of risks.

The field of Mediterranean Studies focuses on locating the contemporary challenges in the Mediterranean within a longer history of the region and its relations with Europe. These longer histories, and a broader political, economic and cultural understanding of the Mediterranean as an inter-connected whole, are fundamental to adequately grasping today’s challenges.

Each individual Mediterranean Studies course comprises 6 ECTS and is open to all students. Our courses would combine particularly well with a BA in European Studies, French, Italian, Spanish or Middle Eastern Studies, History, Political Science or Anthropology:

  • The Mediterranean and Europe
  • Memory and conflict: Greece and Turkey
  • Venice, Byzantium and the Greek World
  • Islamicate Art across the Mediterranean World
  • Beyond the Borders of Europe: Diaspora and Migration

Please visit the UvA Course Catalogue for a detailed overview of these courses: