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Languages at the UvA

Scandinavian languages at the UvA

Danish, Norwegian and Swedish

Interested in Scandinavian society and history? Would you like to be able to read a newspaper in one of the Scandinavian languages? Or are you fascinated by Scandinavian cinematography? As you may already know, Scandinavians speak in their own mother tongue with each other. A Swedish person speaks Swedish to a Danish or Norwegian person and vice versa. At the University of Amsterdam, you can learn to understand all three of the Scandinavian languages with our elective in Scandinavian languages.

We will start with Norwegian: learning to speak, read and write at a basic level. After eight weeks we will start reading Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, and you will also develop listening skills in all three languages.  

Upon completion of the course you can understand spoken and written Danish, Norwegian and Swedish on a higher level (B2) and you will have a good understanding of the similarities and differences between the three Nordic countries. You will also know a lot about Scandinavian politics, society and history.

The elective consists of 3 modules (24 EC in total):

  • Scandinavian 1a: Norwegian (6 EC)
  • Scandinavian 1b: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish language and culture (6 EC)
  • Scandinavian 2: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish language, history, society and culture (12 EC)

This elective is open to all students, is taught in English and starts in September 2019.

Please visit the UvA Course Catalogue for a detailed overview of our modules: