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Languages at the UvA

Spanish at the UvA

Do you have a passion for Spanish? The University of Amsterdam offers a range of programmes and electives in Spanish language and culture. Spanish is one of the world’s most spoken languages. Fluency can take you far in life and your career. Design your own menu of electives from the modules run by the Spanish programme.

Bachelor's programme

Bachelor's Spaanse en Latijns-Amerikaanse studies (taught in Dutch)

Master's programmes that include Spanish

Minor and electives

You can learn Spanish from beginners level, develop your Spanish to an even higher standard, and enhance your expertise about the Spanish-speaking world.

Learn Spanish

  • From beginner level: Spanish 1 and 2) (blocks 1 & 2)
  • From intermediate level: Spanish 3 and 4 (blocks 4 & 5)
  • From a more advanced level: Spanish 5 and 6 (blocks 1 & 2)

Or combine two of these.

Perfect your Spanish

Entry requirement for these courses is that your language proficiency in Spanish must be level B1. In the language proficiency modules at levels 5 and 6 you enhance your ability to speak Spanish through presentations and discussions about films and current affairs programmes; you develop your writing skills by  producing short essays and other texts; and you expand your knowledge of Spanish grammar and vocabulary. In addition, in the module “El español para fines específicos” you will get to know and use the language of the Spanish-speaking employment market and academic world, and you will gain an excellent insight into cultural differences. At the end of these modules you will have developed language skills to B2 level, which means that you can have a conversation in fluent Spanish; that you can explain and argue a position on a current issue; and that you can write texts on a wide range of topics. These modules are taught in Spanish, so that your language skills increase at lighting speed.

Enhance your knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world

All these modules are taught in Spanish. Entry requirement for these modules is that your language proficiency in Spanish must be level B1. You can choose from the following courses:

  • Política, poder y personalidades (block 1)
  • Visiones de la violencia (block 2)
  • Análisis y discurso textual (block 3)
  • El español para fines específicos (block 4)
  • Lengua: Estructura y uso (block 4)
  • Traducción (block 5)
  • Identidad y otredad (block 6)
  • España e Hispanoamérica: Lenguas y culturas (blocks 5 & 6)

Take any combination of modules to make up your own personal menu of electives. These modules can be combined with Spanish Language 5 and 6

Please visit the UvA Course Catalogue for a detailed overview of our modules: