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The Irregularization of Migration in Contemporary Europe | Yolande Jansen, Robin Celikates, Joost de Bloois

Working from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws on the social sciences, legal studies, and the humanities, this book investigates the causes and effects of the extremities experienced by migrants.

Detention, Deportation, Drowning

Firstly, the volume analyses the development and political-cultural conditions of current practices and discourses of “bordering,” “illegality,” and “irregularization.” Secondly, it focuses on the varieties of irregularization and on the diversity of the fields, techniques and effects involved in this variegation. Thirdly, the book examines examples of resistance that migrants and migratory cultures have developed in order to deal with the predicaments they face. The book uses the European Union as its case study, exploring practices and discourses of bordering, border control, and migration regulation. But the significance of this field extends well beyond the European context as the monitoring of Europe’s borders increasingly takes place on a global scale and reflects an internationally increasing trend.

The Irregularization of Migration in Contemporary Europe: Detention, Deportation, Drowning

  • Yolande Jansen, Robin Celikates and Joost de Bloois
  • London: Rowman and Littlefield International
  • ISBN: 978 1 78 348169 9 / 978 1 78 348170 5 / 978 1 78 348171 2