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Applying for accommodation

  • Can the UvA provide international students with accommodation?

    The University of Amsterdam (UvA) reserves a select number of rooms (+/- 3000). However, the demand largely exceeds our supply. Based on last year’s registration numbers we have an accommodation available for roughly half of the incoming international UvA students, so many students have to find their own housing.

    The UvA sublets rooms to international students from two Amsterdam-based housing corporations (De Key and DUWO), as well as several commercial student real estate parties (Student Experience, International Campus, and OurCampus).

    1. All rooms are based in the Amsterdam area and the maximum travel time to the university campuses is 45 minutes.
    2. The different room prices vary, but are overall relatively low compared to rents in the Amsterdam private housing market.
    3. Accommodation is provided by the university to international students for a maximum of one year.
    4. Unfurnished rooms are an exception to this rule: these can be rented for as long as you are a student at the UvA.
    5. The choice of rooms is limited, and a room in a centrally located neighbourhood cannot be guaranteed. In fact, most rooms are located outside the city centre.
  • What costs are involved when renting accommodation via the UvA?
    • Costs involve a housing fee. Please check the Costs page for more information.
    • The rent of the provided UvA student housing ranges from approximately €300 to €850 per month.
    • The amount of rent you’ll have to pay depends on, for example, the location and size of the room and whether you share facilities with other students.