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Locations and room types

UvA student housing is located in various off-campus buildings spread across the city. The buildings are owned and managed by housing corporations who have an agreement with the UvA. Different room types, price ranges and locations are available.


Locations across Amsterdam

Student housing is available at different locations across Amsterdam. The maximum travel time from student housing to the UvA’s campuses is relatively low, for Dutch standards, about 45 minutes. Unfortunately, you cannot choose your location.

If you would like to learn more about the neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, follow the link below.

Amsterdam Neighbourhoods

Types of rooms available

In the online application form for student housing, you will be asked what type of room you prefer. You will be assigned a room in that category if space is available. In some cases, you’ll be invited to choose a room using a room reservation system.


Private room

You have your own room (for sleeping and studying) and your own kitchenette and bathroom.

Private room with shared facilities

You have your own room (for sleeping and studying), but you will share facilities with other students. In some cases there is also a shared living room.

Shared room

You live in one room (sleep, study, eat) with another student of the same gender. In most cases, the kitchenette is inside the room.

  • Sharing with a friend: if you would like to live in a shared room with a friend, you and your friend must both write this down on your application forms. Sharing with a friend is only possible in the lowest budget category, which you can indicate on your application form.

Couples room (sharing with your partner)

We have a small number of couples rooms. These are studio apartments with two beds and private facilities (kitchenette/bathroom). In your application form, you can indicate your wish for a couples room in the highest budget category. Only one of you needs to be a UvA student, but you must pay the double UvA housing fee.

Unfurnished rooms (for a duration of more than 1 year)

We have a small number of unfurnished rooms with bathroom and kitchenette. Unlike all our other accommodations, which are available for a maximum of one year, these unfurnished rooms can be rented for the duration of your study (Bachelor’s or Master’s students only).

Housing providers

UvA student housing is a partnership between the UvA and five housing corporations that offer mainly affordable housing across Amsterdam. When you are assigned a room with one of the housing providers in student housing, you will rent directly from one of these housing providers: