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Pick-up service

for new international UvA students

For new international UvA students, the UvA offers a pick-up service from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the corona virus situation the Pick-up days, planned for 14 and 17 August 2020, have now been cancelled.  We are looking into the possibilities to offer several services online to ensure a soft-landing for our students coming to Amsterdam. We will provide more information as soon as the current situation allows us.


From the airport to your Start appointment

From Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, a shuttle bus will bring you to the university location where you will have your Start appointment and where you’ll be able to collect the key for your accommodation, if you are renting with De Key or DUWO. The bus will not stop at other destinations.


The Pick-up day(s) at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport are

  • Friday, 14 and Monday, 17 August 2020

Pick-up service from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam University College 

  • At Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, the UvA desk will be open from 07:00 to 17:00. If you arrive before 07:00, our advice is to have coffee or breakfast at the airport while you wait, and then make use of the pick-up service when it begins. If you miss the last bus at 15:00 we will be at the desk for another hour able to help you with alternative means of transport.
  • Registration for this pick-up service includes the journey from Schiphol Airport to UvA Science Park, where you will have your All-inclusive Start Appointment on the same day.
  • You can choose an interval of every half hour between 07:00 and 15:00. Therefore, we recommend to arrange your flight arrival time at Schiphol Airport before 15:00.
  • The bus will not stop at other destinations.
  • From Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, a shuttle bus will bring you to UvA Amsterdam University College (at Science Park Amsterdam) where you will have an All-inclusive Start Appointment. You do not have to book this separately, you will be registered for the All-inclusive Start Appointment when you register for the pick-up Service).
  • You do not have to inform us about a later arrival, the time slot is just an indication for us.

All-inclusive Start appointment

At Amsterdam University College, all-inclusive Start Appointments will be offered.

You will be able to:

  • Collect your student card. Please, upload your pass photograph beforehand on
  • Receive information about your residence permit application (if applicable)
  • Register with the municipality of Amsterdam and Diemen
  • Receive information on how to open a Dutch bank account
  • Receive information on how to get around in Amsterdam
  • Receive information on the cultural centre, the sports centre, the library, and the ICT facilities
  • Use the free shuttle service to your UvA short stay housing

Video impression

It just takes less than 2 minutes to get an impression of your arrival in Amsterdam. 

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Arrival on another day

Transportation options from Amsterdam airport Schiphol

  • To use public transport to reach Amsterdam, there is a useful website which incorporates all the public transport of the Netherlands:  This website will also state the costs of the journey.
  • Fill in Schiphol as place of departure and the address of your final destination. Schiphol is the name of Amsterdam airport and it houses a train station underneath, which provides access to Amsterdam. The website will also give information on any bus or tram you may need to take once you reach Amsterdam.
  • Furthermore, the website will provide a  map of the route from the stop to your final destination. It may be wise to print or save this map to avoid getting lost.
  • You can also use the Street View function in Google maps so that you can see beforehand what the streets look like.
  • It is wise to buy a public transport card at the train station at Schiphol. This card is called an OV-Chipkaart. This is a card that you top up with money and then use for all public transport. Using the OV-chipkaart is cheaper than buying one way tickets. You can buy an OV-chipkaart at the train tickets desk at Schiphol Plaza.
  • By comparison, a taxi is expensive: the costs of a taxi ride from Schiphol to Amsterdam vary from €45 to €65 (February 2020).