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Faculty of Economics and Business

Information about scholarships, loans and grants for Bachelor’s students at the University of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS)

For: Outstanding students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
Amount: €18,000 (€6,000 per year for a three-year Bachelor's programme)
Deadline: 15 January for Business Administration; 1 April for other Bachelor's programmes

Please check the regulations for this scholarship and submit your application for the BSc programme and AMS scholarship simultaneously via Studielink and the online application form.

General Criteria

Economics and Business provides a limited number of scholarships for excellent students. The total amount for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship dedicated to Economics and Business is established annually. As the actual number of scholarships is derived from this amount, no fixed number is in place. 

In order to be considered for the AMS scholarship applicants need to meet the following general criteria:

  • hold non-EEA nationality or nationalities onlyhave above average academic results;
  • not be entitled to receive a Dutch study grant or loan ("Studiefinanciering");
  • not receive a full coverage scholarship for the same period of study as the AMS scholarship;
  • have submitted a complete application to the BSc programme of the College of Economics and Business including a sufficient English test score;
  • have been (or will be) admitted to one of the BSc programme of the College of Economics and Business;
  • be able to comply with the conditions to obtain a Dutch visa (if applicable).

Selection procedure

  1. Applicants should write an AMS motivation letter (tell us in not more than 300 words your motivation to get the scholarship).
  2. Applicants should upload the AMS digital motivation letter to their online application.
  3. The deadline corresponds to the application deadline for the study programme 
  4. Before the end of May, all applicants will be informed of the results by email.

Other sources of financial aid

Scholarships and grants may be available from the Dutch Ministry of Education and Sciences or the Ministry for Higher Education in your own country. In certain cases it is also possible for Dutch/EU students to receive a monthly student loan from the Dutch government (via DUO).