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Khadijah (Indonesia)

Meet our international student ambassador

Khadijah, from Indonesia, is a Bachelor's student in Psychology, Politics, Law and Economics (PPLE).

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Khadijah Nabil international student ambassador

About Khadijah

Country: Indonesia
Study programme: Psychology, Politics, Law and Economics (PPLE)
Programme type: Bachelor of Science

Why UvA?

I chose Amsterdam partly because I have family here but the fact that the Netherlands was a colony of Indonesia, my home country, also had an impact on my decision to study here. I wanted to learn more about the heritage and legacy the Dutch left behind in Indonesia.

I decided on UvA because I saw that it was one of the top universities in Europe, especially in the field of social sciences, which is what I wanted to focus on in my studies. My programme, PPLE, is very unique in the sense that it is an interdisciplinary, small-scale, intensive programme and that really attracted me to UvA.

Studying at the UvA

The UvA lived up to my expectation in the sense that it has a pretty good social sciences programme complete with facilities such as lecture recordings, extensive scientific collections in its libraries, and laboratories for conducting experiments. However, I would like there to be more consistency in the way tutors, lecturers, and the grading scheme work.

Arriving in Amsterdam

I made use of the START appointment in helping me with practical stuff such as finding a house, arranging residence permits, registering at the municipality, and opening a bank account. The experience I had was a positive one because the process was quick, efficient, and very helpful.

Tips for students

In entering a new environment, it's important to be cautious but don’t forget to have fun because it’s university and you are never going to get these years back so try to make the most out of your stay here in Amsterdam! Also, don’t forget to lock your bike!