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Michael (Canada & Russia)

Meet our international student ambassador

Michael, from Canada and Russia, is a Bachelor's student in Communication Science.

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Michael Sivolap international student ambassador

About Michael

Country: Canada & Russia
Study programme: Communication Science
Programme type: Bachelor of Science

Why UvA

I decided to study abroad because it is a great challenge and forced me out of my comfort zone. I chose to study at UvA because of its key location. It is truly an international hub for innovation.

Life in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very vibrant, welcoming and interesting city. It allows one to meet so many people from all over the world. Also, the people in the city are very keen to start conversations and just talk. I love the fact that I can just meet new people so easily. However, there is the drawback of the city being overcrowded. And of course one more problem - tourists on bikes…

Studying at the UvA

This is my first university experience but compared to other places I have been, UvA is a very academically driven institution. You have to be hardworking as a student and complete assignments daily.

Arriving in Amsterdam

I made use of the all-inclusive Start appointment. It was really helpful because it took off the burden off my shoulders in terms of transportation from the airport and some paperwork for getting settled in the Netherlands.

Tips for students

The biggest tip, of course, is to not be afraid of talking to people and trying new things. It is self-evident but everyone is going through similar things and when one person takes initiative in the group, life becomes much easier for all!