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Taylor (Singapore & Taiwan)

Taylor, from Singapore and Taiwan, is a Bachelor's student in Business Administration.

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Portrait of student ambassador Taylor

About Taylor

Country: Singapore and Taiwan
Study programme: Business Administration
Programme type: Bachelor’s

Why UvA?

I chose the UvA because of its flexible course structure and international study environment. So far I am happy with my choice because the UvA has turned out to be better than what I thought.

Studying at the UvA

My programme includes the opportunity for students to select specialisation in their third year. They can also choose to do an internship, study abroad or take a minor, applying theories into practice or further extends knowledge.

I used to feel shy and awkward expressing my opinions in classes, but the open and welcoming environment in UvA made me feel comfortable speaking up. There are lots of class discussions and group assignments where I can learn from my peers.

Compared to my previous education, the UvA has a large number of students. I was surprised at the beginning when I found out there would be around 700 students in my programme. I also find it interesting to sometimes have lectures in fancy theatres and local churches as I have never experienced that in my previous schools. 

Life in Amsterdam

The vibrant and multicultural environment is what I like most about Amsterdam. In addition to making friends from different countries, the diversity of food here makes me feel less homesick. I can always find food from my home country.

On the other hand, one thing I still struggle with living in Amsterdam is biking. As a beginner-level biker, I have difficulties cycling in Amsterdam’s traffic. Sometimes, bikes, cars and trams all share the same road, which can be dangerous if I am not cautious enough.

Tips for students

  • There are often events ongoing in Amsterdam such as music and food festivals. It is a good way for you to make more friends and help you integrate to Dutch culture better!
  • The UvA provides many student services such as student counsellors and student psychologists. They offer help if you have any problem in your study or social life.
  • Room hunting can be difficult in Amsterdam. It is recommended for international students to opt for UvA housing. An alternative is to register with the or as soon as possible! The longer you have been registered, the higher chance to get a room!
  • Always watch out before you cross the bike path because Dutch people are fast cyclists!