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Timothy (United Kingdom & Russia)

Timothy, from the United Kingdom and Russia, is a Bachelor's student in Psychology.

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Portrait of student ambassador Timothy

About Timothy

Country: United Kingdom and Russia
Study programme: Psychology
Programme type: Bachelor of Science

Why UvA?

The Netherlands is a thriving international student destination because of the large number of English-taught courses, a stimulating and supportive environment to live in and reasonable tuition fees (for EU students). The UvA is one of the top-ranked universities for my Bachelors programme (Psychology) and is located in the vibrant yet cosy city of Amsterdam. It just seemed like a perfect choice for a student. 


Life in Amsterdam

I like that there’s something for everyone in Amsterdam - from loud and lively streets to quiet cosy alleys and cafés. No matter what atmosphere you prefer, you can find your perfect spot in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a very international city, so there is a strong base for working with and supporting internationals.

On a practical matter - the city is expensive. That’s just a given and there’s not much you can do about it. So to save up, buy food at the food markets, cook your own lunches and be reasonable. Also, start looking for places to live early!

Studying at the UvA

The UvA is a welcoming place that allows for change. Besides offering great teaching staff, study support and facilities, it allows you to voice your opinion and have an impact. There is a good mentality of respect for your work and of acting on something students dislike or wish to change. Overall is just feels like a progressive institution, which doesn’t only teach but learns together with and from the students. UvA doesn’t lead you through your studies holding your hand. A lot of work is independent and comes down to your work ethic. There are, however, many people to help you if you ask for it. 

Tips for students

  • Plan and research ahead! Especially when it comes to accommodation, registration, bank account and any other necessities you can think off - the more you know the less stressful it’ll be once you’re here. 
  • Put yourself out there - do things and meet people. When it gets lonely remember those that are there for you, and remember that all the other students are feeling exactly the same way. 
  • The UvA is quite intense in the sense that the work starts from day one and doesn’t end until the last day. It is up to you to control your work-to-rest ratio. So do more than just study! That will also make your study times more productive.