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Updates Housing procedure academic year 2020-2021 (due to corona crisis)

Cancellation Policy

Students who apply for international student housing can cancel their housing application due the uncertainties caused by the coronavirus until 14 July 2020*. The UvA housing fee will be refunded.

If you already received (and accepted) your housing offer, most payments you made to the housing providers (first rent/deposit) will also be refunded if you cancel before the 14 July 2020 deadline. If you wish to do so, please contact the International Student Housing Office before that date.

* When the situation due to coronavirus changes again, influencing the arrival of students in Amsterdam, we will discuss postponing this deadline.

Extra rooms available for max. 1 semester

Since all UvA exchange programmes have been cancelled due to coronavirus, we have extra rooms available for the duration of max. 1 semester. When you receive a housing offer from the International Student Housing Office, you can find these rooms on the booking platforms ( Key). They are listed with end date 25-01-2021. If you decide to book one of these rooms, the UvA housing fee of the second semester will be refunded automatically as we cannot provide you with a room after 25-01-2021.

Availability of rooms later in the semester or next semester

It remains highly uncertain how many students will arrive in the Netherlands for the start of the academic year in September 2020 and/or in semester 2 in February 2021. This means that the International Student Housing Office cannot give any guarantees if enough rooms are available when you decide to come to Amsterdam, and there even might be a shortage.

We prioritize students who are starting their study programme at the UvA (more information on eligibility for student housing), and arrive in September 2020. However, we are aware that many students want housing in semester 2 (arriving in February 2021), as some UvA study programmes will be completely online in semester 1 starting in September 2020. For this group of students we have reserved second priority.

Students who do not need housing now, do not need to apply for International Student Housing, even if you receive an invitation. Later in the semester more information is going to be communicated on the procedure for students who have already started their study programme, but will be arriving later in the semester or in the next semester.

More coronavirus info

For additional information, see the coronavirus updates and frequently asked questions for UvA students.