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ROOM University Housing

A number of students will be selected for the ROOM University Housing pilot. These students will receive an email about this pilot. The information below only applies to these students.

  • What is ROOM University Housing?

    ROOM is a booking system for student housing. UvA Housing is now collaborating with ROOM. They have developed the pilot ROOM University Housing for international students who have applied for student housing through the UvA.

  • Why am I selected for this pilot?

    The UvA Housing Office has selected a number of students that will receive an offer through ROOM University Housing. Everyone who gets an offer through ROOM University Housing can book a room, as long as you book it within your reservation period.

  • My reservation period has passed, what should I do?

    If you have failed to book a room within the reservation period, you will not receive another offer and you will be placed at the end of the waiting list.

    Please contact your International office to request a reactivation of your account. The faculty housing officer could make an exception based on individual circumstances.

  • What is the difference between ROOM University Housing and the other accommodations at ROOM?

    ROOM University Housing is developed in corporation with UvA Housing. The accommodations on this part of the website are reserved for international UvA students only.

    For these rooms, the same conditions are in place as most other rooms offered through UvA Student Housing. Which means that the rental period has a maximum of one year, it is not possible to terminate your contract and the rooms are furnished.

    You can also apply for the other accommodation on ROOM. We advise you to do this if you plan to study in the Netherlands for longer than one year.

  • I already have an account at ROOM, can I still join ROOM University Housing?

    Yes, this is not a problem. UvA Housing will upgrade your account, so that you can have a look at all the accommodations that ROOM has to offer.

    Please be aware that you can book a room on ROOM University Housing directly, while the other offers are based on a ranking system. You can register yourself for an offer, but the person with the highest ranking (depending on your registration period) will get the accommodation. For more info, check