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Start international appointment

Registration for the All-inclusive Start appointment is now open. Below you can read more about what will be arranged during your Start appointment.

  • All-inclusive Start appointment

    At Amsterdam University College, you will be offered an all-inclusive Start Appointment on

    • Wednesday, 29 January 2020

    You will be able to:

    • Collect your student card (please upload a picture beforehand on
    • Receive (information on when to collect) your residence permit (if applicable)
    • Collect the keys for your housing with De Key, DUWO, or Camelot short stay.
    • Register with the municipality of Amsterdam and Diemen
    • Receive information on how to open a Dutch bank account
    • Receive information on how to get around in Amsterdam
    • Information on the UvA and Amsterdam and, of course, any further questions you may have

    Book the All-inclusive Start Appointment

    First-come, first-serve

    • If you have booked the Pick-up service, you have already booked for the All- inclusive Start Appointment. You do not have to register again.
    • The all-inclusive Start Appointment is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis so there is a chance you will need to wait before you can be helped.
    • All procedures are offered free of charge. A free luggage depot is available while you attend your all-inclusive Start appointment.
    • Please note that you can disregard the time slot mentioned through the link below, as we do not work with time slots for the all-inclusive appointments. The time slot is just an indication for us.
  • Regular Start appointment

    At the Central Student Service Desk at the Roeterseiland Campus, the Regular Start Appointments will be offered. 

    During the regular Start appointment, you will be able to ask questions about your stay in Amsterdam, make necessary appointments for your residence permit (if applicable), make an appointment to register with the municipality of Amsterdam and collect your student card.

    Book the Regular Start Appointment


    Regular start appointments are offered by appointment only.