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Akash (India)

Meet our international student ambassador

Akash, from India, is a Master’s student in Artificial Intelligence.

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Akash Raj international student ambassador 2018-2019

About Akash

Country: India
Study programme: Artificial Intelligence
Programme type: Master’s

Why UvA?

The UvA has one of the best programmes for Artificial Intelligence in Europe. The research is world-renowned. The course is also very international, with students from different backgrounds and cultures.

Life in Amsterdam

I believe Amsterdam is one of the most interesting, liveliest cities. Around the clock, I can always find new things to do that enrich my experience here.

One of the most interesting things about Dutch culture is the bicycles! I have seen more types of bicycles than anything else. You can go anywhere in Amsterdam with your bicycle. The city is perfect for cycling.

Arriving in Amsterdam

Upon arriving in Amsterdam, I made use of the UvA’s START appointment. The Central Student Service Desk at the UvA is very helpful. They help take care of all the practical matters - residence permit, bank account, BSN number.

The Dutch crash course during the Introduction week was especially interesting. On our introduction day, we had a fun canal cruise through the canals after singing a Dutch song! Introduction week helps you make new friends, explore and become familiar with the city. 

Tips for students

  1. Bicycles - This might seem like clichéd advice, but you will understand when you actually pick up a bike and ride it along the streets of Amsterdam.
  2. Scholarships - Many scholarships are available for the international students. I recommend searching for them and applying as soon as possible.
  3. Housing - For international students, it is recommended to look for housing through UvA. You will get great student housing without much hassle.