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Chloe (Canada)

Meet our international student ambassador

Chloe, from Canada, is a Master's student in Communication Science .

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Chloe Madigan international student ambassador

About Chloe

Country: Canada
Study programme: Communication Science
Programme type: Master of Science

Why UvA?

I did my exchange here two years ago and I fell head over heels for this city. This was the best time of my life. I was ecstatic when I found out there was a possibility for me to do my Master’s in Amsterdam, and specifically at the UvA, because the Communication programme was highly rated and the idea of attending the University of Amsterdam and it’s beautiful locations was very appealing to me.

Life in Amsterdam

There’s so much to do in Amsterdam, it’s impossible to get bored. Also, it's so extremely convenient to get around the city, whether it’d by bike or public transportation. You can even see some of the nicest areas by foot. The one thing I don’t like about the city is the rainy weather but I would still choose it over the extreme winter and summer temperatures of my home country, Canada.

Studying at the UvA

The UvA is a wonderful university. Not only does it offer top quality education, as a student you're able to get involved in activities outside of your studies, which enriches the whole experience and enables you to meet more people. As an international student, I felt like they really put in an effort to help us integrate here. I have the impression that they are constantly trying to improve to make it the best quality, Also, the campus is beautiful!

Difference between UvA and home university

My home university was quite different from the UvA. The professors were overall pretty distant from the students and it felt a lot of the time that teaching wasn’t their passion.  At the UvA I feel the opposite, so far I have the impression that the lecturers know a lot about their field and genuinely want to share it with their students. The campus itself is just much more visually appealing and modern feeling than my home campus was.

Arriving in Amsterdam

The start appointment organized by the university was very efficient and extremely necessary as this was where we picked up our student cards, house keys, etc. The introduction by ISN was a fun way to socialize with other internationals and meet new people. I even ended up meeting one of my best friends during that weekend.