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Filip (Poland)

Meet our international student ambassador

Filip, from Poland, is a Master's student in Econometrics.

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Filip Pastuska international student ambassador

About Filip

Country: Poland
Study programme: Econometrics
Programme type: Master of Science

Why UvA?

Studying abroad is a lot of fun. You meet students from around the world and get to know local culture. I fell in love in the city when I first visited at 18 years of age – I even got a small tattoo in honour of the city. I also knew that education system here is top notch due to my friends’ recommendations. The UvA is ranked as one of the best in Europe and the best in the Netherlands. I also liked that format of the course that I am taking, Econometrics.

Studying at the UvA

The UvA truly believes in students’ potential so the education level is here quite high. The classes are often demanding but it is all worth it. The school staff is also extremely professional and the number of events and sport classes offered is impressive. The Roeterseiland Campus where I study is very modern – the study spaces and buildings look futuristic.

Living in Amsterdam

Bikes. Everywhere. After a while, it is now my favourite mean of transport in the city. Amsterdam has a lot to offer – from very touristy stuff, through crazy nightlife to wild festivals with the best DJs and artists from around the world!

Dutch people are very friendly and are happy to help you – and they all speak great English. You should consider buying a raincoat before you come here though – you never know when it will be raining!

Tips for students

  1. Look a student accommodation through the UvA before arriving – it might be challenging otherwise.
  2. Buy a bike as soon as you arrive.
  3. Buy a raincoat and be ready for a wet, rainy surprise anytime.
  4. Do not hesitate – jump in for this adventure!