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Haylee (New Zealand)

Meet our international student ambassador

Haylee, from New Zealand, is a Research Master’s student in Communication Science.

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Haylee Kelsall international student ambassador 2018-2019

About Haylee

Country: New Zealand
Study programme: Communication Science
Programme type: Research Master’s

Why UvA?

I decided to stay in the Netherlands for my Research Master’s at the UvA as our faculty is ranked second in the world for Communication Science, and there are excellent opportunities to pursue a career in research having followed the programme here.

Dutch universities are held in high regard around the world for the quality of education they provide - this was a big factor in my decision to study in the Netherlands.

Life in Amsterdam

The weather could be nicer but I really enjoy the arts and cultural activities on offer here - there is literally something for everyone, no matter what your interests are! People are friendly, laid back and very open minded, so making friends is quite easy.

Another plus is that Amsterdam is well connected to pretty much everywhere in Europe. It's very easy to travel from here, and quite affordable to take weekend trips.

Studying at the UvA

The support staff are very approachable, and the quality of teaching is second to none. The motivation of fellow students is also very impressive, and this really comes through in the quality of class discussions.

On top of that, my programme is very international, and it’s refreshing to engage with both students and lecturers of different backgrounds who can lend alternate perspectives to my own. 

Tips for students

  1. Come early so that you can explore what the city has to offer before you start your programme.
  2. If you're not organising housing through the UvA, come to Amsterdam early to find housing. It's not easy to find housing in Amsterdam as there is a lot of competition and housing is not very cheap.
  3. If you do find housing through the university, also immediately sign up for, which is like social housing but for students. It will help you find accommodation after the first year. The longer you've been registered, the higher the chance you have to get a place.