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Locations and room types

The student rooms are located in over 20 different off-campus buildings spread across the city. These buildings are owned and managed by housing providers who have a partnership with the UvA. Different room types, price ranges and locations are available.

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Exterior at Bijltjespad

What sort of rooms are available at UvA student housing?

The UvA does not have a big campus where all the rooms are located together. Instead, there are various off-campus buildings located throughout Amsterdam.

There are three room types available:

  • Shared bedroom with shared facilities
  • Private bedroom with shared facilities
  • Private bedroom with private facilities (some are suitable for couples)

Rooms within a room type may be different, but the basics of the rooms remain the same. All our rooms have basic furnishing.

How do I indicate which room type I want?

Room types are linked to four monthly rent budget categories. When filling in the housing application form you need to enter a budget category. Before you choose a budget category, inform yourself about the costs of living.

Private room with private facilities at Maassluisstraat

What type of room can I expect in each budget category?

Room types Private bedroom Private facilities Budget category
Shared room No No 1
Private room with shared facilities Yes No 1, 2, 3
Private room Yes Yes 3, 4
Couples room Yes Yes* 4

* Some have shared facilities

  • Budget category 1: < €410 per month. Shared rooms or small private rooms with shared facilities. Shared rooms are suitable to share with a friend.
    • In a shared room there are two separate beds which you share with another student of the same gender. In most cases, the kitchen and bathroom are situated inside the room, and there is no separate common room. Roommates are not matched by age or study programme. You and your roommate will have to make agreements on basic household rules.

    • Applying for a shared room with a friend: You can sign up with a friend who is also eligible for housing. You and your friend must both write this down on both your housing application forms after choosing budget category 1. You will both receive a separate contract and pay the rent separately.

    • In a small private room with shared facilities you have your own bedroom and you share a kitchen and bathroom with 2-20 other students. The kitchen and bathroom will in a common room/hallway. It is not possible to sign up with a friend.

  • Budget category 4: €600 - €850 per month. Larger private rooms with private facilities, some are suitable for couples.
    • In a private room with private facilities you have your own room or studio (container), including your own private kitchen and private bathroom. The more expensive rooms in this category are generally larger than the other rooms, and some have a more decorated and/or contemporary interior, or include sports- or entertainment facilities within or around the building.

    • Applying for a private room as a couple: You can apply with your partner (student / non-student), together. Only one of you needs to fill in the housing application form, choose budget category 4 and apply for a couples room. The rental contract will be your name, but your partner can also register at the address with the municipality.

What are the UvA student housing locations?

The UvA does not have a big campus where all the rooms are located, but we have over 20 different off-campus buildings throughout the whole city. The student housing buildings are mostly situated in residential neighborhoods.

The maximum travel time from the housing locations to the UvA’s campuses is for Dutch standards relatively low: about 45 minutes. Most locals travel by bike or public transport. Check the 9292 route planner (for public transport) or Google Maps to find your way in Amsterdam. If you would like to learn more about the different areas check our page on different neighborhoods in Amsterdam.

It is not possible to request a specific location. All students are assigned randomly to rooms within their budget category.

The towers at Rode Kruislaan in Diemen

Who will be my housing provider that sends me a housing offer?

UvA international student housing has partnerships with multiple housing providers. The rooms are owned and managed by the housing providers, but reserved by the UvA for our international students.

UvA housing will forward your information to one of the housing providers, and they will send you the room offer. The UvA also uses the platform for students to book their room.

The housing providers the UvA has partnerships with are De Key, DUWO, International Campus – The Fizz Spartaan, Student Experience and OurCampus Amsterdam Diemen.