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Costs of UvA student housing

Rent is between €300 and €850 per month, depending on what type of room you have. In addition to rent, you must pay administrative fees, a refundable deposit and in some cases local taxes. 2018


Rents for student housing vary between €300 to €850 per month. The exact figure depends on the room type, including the size, whether it is a private or shared room and the type of facilities (private or shared).

The monthly rent does not include administration fees, deposit and local taxes. You can pay in monthly installments.

Rental period

When you rent a room in student housing, you commit to paying for:

  • a minimum of one semester
  • a maximum of one year

The start dates in the 2019-2020 academic year are 16 August 2019 for the first semester and 29 January 2020 for the second semester. Renting month by month is not possible, nor can you terminate your contract early.

UvA housing fee

When you submit your application for housing, you will be asked to pay a fee. This is not merely an administrative fee. In fact, it is necessary to cover the extra costs that come with providing international students the privilege of immediately obtaining a room upon arrival in Amsterdam. The costs involved in providing this housing service have to be paid by the students who choose to use it, since these costs legitimately cannot be covered by university funds that are meant for academic purposes.

The costs of our housing service has various components:

  • Firstly, rooms have to be rented for a calendar year (i.e. approximately 6 or 12 months). Due to change-overs, cleanings days and summer recess, but also because tenants leave earlier due to illness, insufficient study results and other personal circumstances, we are subject to room vacancy and thus incur a loss of rent revenue.
  • Secondly, the housing programme has certain running costs, such as paying in-house residential assistants and (credit card) payment services.
  • Finally, the UvA/AUAS is constantly seeking new locations and possibilities to house more students in the following academic year. In order to make certain locations (temporarily) suitable for students to live in, some costs such as cleaning, removing old furnishings, security, etc. are unavoidable.

You can pay online, in Euros, using either a credit card or PayPal.

UvA housing fee per person*:

Early bird fee
€209 for 1 semester 
€413 for 2 semesters

Regular fee
€242 for 1 semester
€440 for 2 semesters

* When registering for a couples room, only the main tenant has to pay a double housing fee

The UvA housing fee will be refunded if we are unable to offer you a room. If we offer you a room but you do not make use of this offer, the fee will not be refunded.

Housing providers administration fee and deposit

You will be offered a room from one of the housing providers who work with us to provide student housing. The administration fee and deposit you are required to pay depends on which housing provider you’re assigned to. More information is available in the PDF below.

Additional charges and first rental payment at Housing partner (PDF, 1 p.)

Local taxes

Anyone living in Amsterdam who has their own private facilities (bathroom, kitchen) is expected to pay local taxes for services such as rubbish collection, water and sewage. These taxes are not included in the rent. The tax bill will be sent to you directly by the City of Amsterdam.

To make sure whether you do or do not have to pay local taxes, please contact your housing provider.

Appealing local taxes

You need not pay these taxes if you have a low income. Consult the City of Amsterdam website for information (in Dutch) on how to submit an appeal.

Financial support

If you live on your own with private facilities, you may be eligible for a rent benefit (in Dutch: huurtoeslag) from the Dutch government. Check the step-by-step plan below. 

The government tax office provides detailed information on rent benefit eligibility conditions and how to apply.

Step-by-step plan for applying Housing allowance (PDF, 8 p.)