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What you need to know

Student housing in Amsterdam is hard to come by, and difficult to find. The sooner you act, the better your chances are of getting a room.

Who is eligible for UvA student housing?

UvA student housing is available for international first-year degree and exchange students. There is a limited number of rooms available, which is only enough to provide accommodation for about half of the incoming students.




You are eligible for the Housing service when:

  • You start your first year at the UvA (bachelor/master/exchange)
  • Your study program is taught in English
  • Your previous education was outside of the Netherlands
  • You currently don’t live in the Netherlands

When you have been conditionally accepted* to an English-taught study programme you will receive an invitation to the housing application system.

* When you apply for a study program close to the final deadline, your study application might not receive the status ‘conditionally accepted’ in time for the housing application. Faculties have different processing times, so keep this in mind when applying (late) for a study program, as the housing system works on a first come, first served basis.

Students with an AES, ASTS or AMS scholarships

Students who are granted an Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES), an Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship (ASTS) or an Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS) and want to use the UvA Housing Service have priority for accommodation.

When does the housing procedure start?

The application procedure starts in the periods as follows:

  • For students with a nationality that is non-European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss the housing application starts at the end of May.
  • For students with an EU, EEA or Swiss nationality application starts in the beginning of June.

(The exact start dates for the housing application will be updated at the end of March).

Only after you have finalized your application, you will be considered eligible for a room. The applications are handled in the order in which they are received. To find out exactly what you need to do, check the webpage for the procedure and how to finalize your application.

Why are there different start dates for the housing application?

UvA International Student Housing has approximately 2500 rooms. We have two target groups for housing:

    • Degree-seeking students (students starting a master's or bachelor's programme)
    • Exchange students  (1 semester or full year)

The application for both groups is on a first come, first served basis. However, in accordance with the International Office of all faculties, students who live outside of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, are given the opportunity to apply early. This is because students from outside these regions are required to have a Dutch address to maintain their residence permit in the Netherlands.

How long can I live in housing provided by UvA student housing?

All student housing contracts have a fixed rental period, with a maximum of one year. Students will get a rental period (1 or 2 semesters) as shown below. Renting for the entire fixed period means that you will be required to pay the rent up to and including the last date of your contract.

Type of study program Maximum duration rental contract Rental period
Exchange (1 semester) 1 semester 16 August 2020 - 27 January 2021


Master (1 & 2 years)

Exchange (2 semesters)

2 semesters

2 semesters

2 semesters

16 August 2020 - 07 August 2021*

16 August 2020 - 07 August 2021*

16 August 2020 - 07 August 2021*

* Some locations will not have the fixed end date in August, but in June or July due to arriving Summer School students.

When this contract ends, you will need to arrange your own housing (if your study programme continues after this period). It is not possible to shorten or extend your rental contract/get a rent reduction for late arrival or early departure. Please be aware that finding accommodation in Amsterdam after this period can still be very complicated.

Can I use UvA Housing if I have a disability?

Students with a disability can contact the International Student Housing Office to discuss about your housing options.

Make sure that you have a medical statement from your doctor with information as to why you have specific needs for your housing. UvA Housing requires that you upload the statement in your application.

If you do not contact UvA Housing well in advance, it will be difficult, or even impossible to meet your housing needs.

Why can’t UvA student housing help every student with a place to live?

Amsterdam is a very popular place to live. Students (Dutch and international), as well as many others are looking for places to live, and therefore affordable housing is scarce.

In this tight housing market, UvA International Student Housing has a limited number of rooms (approx. 2500 units) reserved, in which roughly half of the incoming, international students can be accommodated. This means that the other half has to find a place on their own.

Don’t underestimate this, it often takes weeks or even months to find suitable accommodation. Therefore, we encourage everyone to start in time, and even if you have applied for student housing, to also look for accommodation independently.

For help, check out the webpage on how to find a room.