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Terms and conditions

for Bachelor's, Master's, and Exchange students

Disclaimer UvA/AUAS Housing Service - May 2021


By signing our online housing application (by checking the box at the penultimate paragraph of the form), and by paying the UvA/AUAS Housing fee (at the final paragraph of the form), you claim to have read and understood all of our following terms and conditions:

  • The Amsterdam housing market is extremely difficult, and participating in the UvA/AUAS Housing program does not in any way guarantee you a room. In fact, we can only provide about half of our applicants with a room.
  • The room contract is for a fixed period of time. Once you have signed this rent contract with one of our housing partners, you agree with the fact that you cannot extend or shorten your room contract.
  • Your room contract cannot be terminated during the term that you have initially signed for (in principle, one or two semesters). In other words, you have the obligation to pay rent for the entire rental period initially agreed upon.
  • You will only receive one housing offer.
  • This offer may not be within the budget category you have selected, or it may not be at the location you had in mind.
  • Most of our housing locations are not in the city center, and might not be close to university buildings. Therefore, there is a substantial possibility that your room will not be centrally located, and that you will have to commute daily (max. 50 minutes one-way by public transportation).
  • If you choose public transportation as your daily means of travel, consider that fares in the Netherlands are quite expensive. A good (and common) alternative is travelling by bicycle.
  • Our housing fee is non-refundable when you have received a room offer. This means that when you decline our room offer, you will not get your money back. You will then proceed to the end of the waiting list. Only if we cannot offer you a room at all, or if you cancel your application before receiving a room offer, your housing fee will be refunded.
  • Aside from the housing fee, you will have to pay additional costs associated with renting a room through the UvA/AUAS housing service, namely administration fee, deposit, and rent imposed by the housing partner.
  • After renting a room for a maximum of one academic year through UvA/AUAS Housing, our housing services will end, and you will have to find a room by yourself. The UvA/AUAS cannot help you find a room after this period of time.

Privacy Statement

You agree that the information sent in the housing application form will be used by the UvA/AUAS to offer our housing services. For that reason the UvA /AUAS stores, and shares this information with its housing partners and the Municipality of Amsterdam. These housing partners require this information to offer rooms within the contingent of the UvA, while the Municipality needs it to designate you as a resident of Amsterdam. In order to be able to establish if you are still eligible for a room through the housing service of the UvA, the UvA will save your data for a maximum of 3 years. The UvA/AUAS will also use this information to approach you for participation in research to improve our service.

PLEASE NOTE: If you DO NOT agree with the above terms and conditions, then please DO NOT participate in the UvA/AUAS Housing program.