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Quality of education

Call for Proposals UvA Education Day

Lecturers, education professionals and students of the UvA are kindly invited to hold a session during the UvA Education Day on 28 May 2019, in which they can share inspiring examples, experiences and issues from education.

The two overarching themes this year are context-based learning and smart teaching. In addition to the keynote addresses – given by Sameer Ashar, Vice Dean for Experiential Education and Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law and Kristina Edström, Associate Professor in Engineering Education Development, KTH Royal Institute of Technology – different adjoining sessions will be organised per theme.

Context-based learning

For this theme, inspiring examples from the field of experiential learning have already been gathered at the faculties of Law and Medicine and in Educational Sciences where experts have gained a lot of experience, among other things, with the changing roles of the lecturer and the student within this theme.

Smart teaching

For the theme Smart teaching, lecturers, education professionals and students from the UvA are cordially invited to share examples from their teaching practice and to submit proposals for a session (45 minutes).

We all strive for good education. We know that good feedback and regular testing are important for an optimal learning experience for students. However, this can also lead to a high or excessive workload for lecturers. Are there good ways to enable students to reflect for themselves? Are alternatives conceivable to stimulate active learning behaviour? How can we help each other to provide good education and to be smart with the available time?


Proposals can be submitted until Monday 15 April at 12:00 p.m. using the form below.

Session formats

Proposals for holding a session can be submitted in one of the following four formats:

  1. Presentation and discussion
    This working method consists of a 10-minute presentation and a discussion lasting only 10 minutes, with up to three presentations per hour. This form lends itself well to sharing best practices.
  2. Interactive workshop
    In this workshop, there is 60 minutes to work actively on a theme with a maximum of 20 participants. The workshop offers the opportunity for intensive discussion and aims to practice skills.
  3. Round-table discussion
    On the basis of a thesis or dilemma, a theme will be further explored in an hour under the guidance of a discussion leader.
  4. Open format
    The programme committee is open to innovative forms, such as performing a play or showing a film. The programme committee prefers interactive workshops in which the public is actively involved and contributes ideas.


The official language of the Education Day is English. This also applies to the submission of proposals. If all participants for a particular session speak Dutch, the official language will be Dutch.


Each proposal is assessed by the programme committee. The applicants will receive a decision on the outcome of the selection procedure no later than Friday 26 April. On 1 May, the programme of the Education Day will be announced and registration will be opened.