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Quality of education

Education Day

On Tuesday, 28 May 2019 the University of Amsterdam is organising a new edition of its annual Education Day. This knowledge-sharing event is for everyone involved in education at the UvA: lecturers, education professionals and students.

The UvA Education Day is the place to share, discuss and anticipate inspiring ideas, projects and practical examples from education, and look ahead to the (near) future of education. This year’s central themes are student engagement and the international classroom. 


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This year's edition focuses on the themes of context-based learning and smart teaching. Keynote speakers are Sameer Ashar, Vice Dean for Experiential Education and Professor of Law at UCLA and Kristina Edström, Associate Professor in Engineering Education Development at KTH.

Context-based learning

More than ever students want to apply their academic knowledge and skills meaningfully. The proximity of metropolitan issues and socially engaged organisations and companies offer opportunities for our students to enrich education. The UvA's aim is to educate students who are at the heart of society and are prepared for a local and global working and living environment. The connection with the city and space for social involvement are crucial to this. Context-based learning assumes that real-life experiences and examples are indispensable for the acquisition of knowledge and therefore for education.

Prof. Sameer Ashar specialises in experiential learning, a specific form of context-based learning. In his keynote lecture he will delve deeper into the added value of this educational concept and share his experiences with this way of teaching at UCLA.

Smart teaching

Feedback is inherent to good education. The quality of the feedback that students receive from their teachers is one of the most important factors for how much students learn. But more feedback is not always better. We tend to confuse quantity with quality sometimes. And we do not always know what good feedback is. How often should we give students feedback? Should we give feedback on all details? Which feedback improves the quality of the learning experience? And can feedback also be counter-productive?

Dr Kristina Edström has a background in Engineering. In her keynote, she will teach us her 'Teaching Trick', which enhances the learning experience of the student without requiring more effort from the teacher -- perhaps even rquiring less effort.

Time and place

  • Time: Tuesday, 28 May, 11:30 - 18:00
  • Location: Aula - Oude Lutherse Kerk
  • Free entrance
  • The event will be in English

Call for proposals

Do you have an idea for a session on the theme of smart teaching? Please let us know. You can find more information and a submission form here:

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