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UvA Q for students

UvA students are regularly requested to complete surveys or evaluation forms (either on paper or in digital format) in order to share their opinion on various aspects of their degree programme and study process. The UvA needs this information to improve its programmes and curricula.

The UvA will be applying the UvA Q method to evaluate programmes at the Bachelor’s level. UvA Q features questions on lecturers and courses (clear requirements, effective structure, appreciation for course content, etc.) as well as on learning outcomes: how much and what did you learn during the course? After all, this is the most crucial aspect.

The evaluation reports derived from our students’ input serve as a valuable source of information for lecturers, who can use this knowledge to improve their skills and teaching methods. It allows Programme Committees (opleidingscommissies) to identify valuation discrepancies and take appropriate action, and it enables Graduate Schools and Colleges to permanently regulate the quality of their programmes.

All these measures will yield quality improvements that will benefit future student cohorts (in the same way that every current student benefits from the feedback provided by previous student groups). Furthermore, the UvA can also apply the UvA Q system to inform students of the evaluation results and the way in which they will be used.