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Quality of education

Differentiation and excellence

The UvA aims to ensure its programmes match the talents and ambitions of all those students who make a conscious and motivated decision to study at the UvA. This, however, presents a considerable challenge in view of the large number of new students and diversity of the student population.

For students whose interests, talents and ambitions exceed the boundaries of a specific discipline, the UvA has developed broad, interdisciplinary degree programmes, such as Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Psychobiology, Future Planet Studies, Biomedical Sciences, Natural and Social Sciences and the Liberal Arts and Science programme at the Amsterdam University College (in collaboration with VU University Amsterdam). These interdisciplinary programmes were established to offer students a range of new challenges and options. In order to ensure a more challenging experience, the available programmes have been further differentiated in terms of academic level. The Honours and Excellence programmes offered by each faculty can further facilitate this need. Where necessary, the University offers tailor-made programmes.