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Economics and Business

Education at UvA Economics and Business falls under two Schools: The Amsterdam Business School (ABS) and Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE).

These schools offer three-year bachelor’s programmes and one-year master’s programmes in Business Administration, Economics, Business Economics, Fiscal Economics, Econometrics and Operational Research, and – as the only institution in the Netherlands – Actuarial Sciences.

Both schools also offer post-doctorate programmes and other forms of education such as custom-made programmes for companies, master classes, professional training courses, and lectures. Due to its international orientation, many of the programmes offered are in English and UvA Economics and Business features many international students and lecturers.


In addition to a focus on research, the UvA Economics and Business also has close ties to the domestic and international business community. This gives education a direct link with practice and ensure that it has links with society and the community at large.

Research at UvA Economics and Business is carried out at the Amsterdam School of Economics Research Institute (ASE-RI) and the Amsterdam Business School Research Institute (ABS-RI). ASE-RI covers research in the field of General Economics and Econometrics while ABS-RI concentrates on business economics.

Impact on society

There is a strong relationship between research and education at UvA Economics and Business and the impact this has on society. This engagement is also expressed in the Room for Discussion debate and interview platform. Prominent and influential academics, politicians and activists appear in Room for Discussion throughout the academic year. These sessions are open to the public and all UvA students.