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Do you have a great idea for a solution that solves a justice problem? Are you ready to compete for 2500 EUR to get your enterprise up and running? Do your thoughts stray beyond the legal domain? Sign up for the Justice Challenge!

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What is the Justice Challenge about?

The Justice Challenge is a competition for social entrepreneurs that do business at the cutting edge of law and innovation. You work on a product or service that helps people gain easier access to the legal process. We’ve selected themes that we feel need fresh solutions, but you can also submit your own theme as long as it fits within the theme of “access to justice”. If you are selected, you stand a chance of winning (at least) EUR 2,500 in master classes and mentoring!

The application deadline is extended. You may apply until 23 April 2019. Selected teams will start with co-creation sessions on 25-26 April (please keep the dates free!). After that you’ll spend a few weeks tweaking your idea and you’ll also receive pitch training. At 24 May you’ll pitch for 2500 EUR in front of a Jury. Three teams will receive this prize money and will then start following a coaching- and masterclass trajectory as part of the Start-up Incubator Programme of the Amsterdam Law Hub.

Application- and selection criteria

  1. You have an idea that could potentially solve one of the Justice Challenges (see the categories below) or a general legal issue (the “wild card”). You can also sign up with a current product or service that fits the criteria of the Justice Challenge.
  2. You are (or were) a student at the UvA/HvA or you work there. You don’t need a connection with the law school to sign up. Alumni can sign up no matter when they graduated. Teams with non-UvA/HvA members are welcome to sign up as long as one of the founding members is a UvA/HvA student, alumnus or staff member.
  3. Teams of at least two members are eligible to sign up. If you sign up on your own, you will need to demonstrate that you can assemble a team by the time the first workshop takes place.
  4. You are available for at least 8 hours per week for the next six months and you are eager to turn your idea, if successful, into a business or an NGO.

Selection Criteria

  1. Idea: How good is it? What is its potential? Does it fit in with the Justice Challenge?
  2. Vision: Have you figured out how to develop the idea into a product or service, and what kind of impact it will make?
  3. Viability: Is the idea reasonably doable and will it be self-supporting in the future?
  4. Team: Do you have the right people on your team to get the project up and running?
  5. Commitment: Are you prepared to sink enough time (and effort) into the idea and do you think of it as part of your career trajectory?
The application deadline is extended until 23 April 2019.

Justice Challenge Themes

  • Migration: Can we work on the biggest justice challenges faced by migrants, arriving at the shores of Europe or in the City of Amsterdam? How can we assist them better (legally and otherwise)?
  • Housing: Can we prevent housing disputes from occurring or escalating? How do we help tenants from fighting harassment and neglect from landlords?
  • Cybercrime: Can citizens protect themselves better against online phishing, financial fraud, cyberbullying, identity theft and other virtual crimes? How do you recover after you’ve become a victim?
  • Children: Can we support children suffering abuse, neglect, bullying or violence to learn about their rights or speak up? How can we leverage on mobile technologies to help children stand up for themselves?
  • Work & Healthcare: Can we still protect the rights of workers, in times when everyone is increasingly self-contracted? How can we develop tools or services that cultivate an environment of care and respect that eliminates conflict at work?
  • Wild card: Do you have a great idea for solving a justice problem, that doesn’t fall in any of the categories? Don’t hesitate to apply, but make a strong case for why you should be included.

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