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Amsterdam Law School

Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

Your PhD representatives on doctoral training opportunities


The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) of UvA’s Faculty of Law (FdR) advises and supports the Dean, the programme director of the PhD Programme in Law, and the Director of ARILS on all matters concerning the structure, training and requirements of the FdR doctoral programme. The function of the GSC resembles that of the Board of Studies for bachelor and master programmes; namely, monitoring and improving the quality of education.

In the context of the GSC, we discuss issues such as the courses offered in the PhD programme, the coherence of the educational programme, the trajectory you follow as a doctoral candidate within the FdR, your working conditions and environment, and when and how you are assessed by your supervisors. We seek to convey the views of the whole PhD body and improve the variety and quality of the training opportunities available for FdR PhD candidates. Among some of the causes led by the GSC in the past was the support for the status of PhDs as FdR staff as opposed to FdR students.  


In addition to the Director of the Graduate School and the Director of ARILS, the GSC includes the director of the Doctoral Programme, the PhD Dean, and three to four PhD candidates. Of these PhD candidates, at least one must be, at the time of appointment, following the PhD training programme and at least one must be a member of the Central PhD Council. In principle, the PhD members of the GSC are appointed for a period of two years.

Your 2018-2019 GSC members are: