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Amsterdam Law School

Pursuing a PhD

The Amsterdam Law School welcomes talented researchers who want to pursue a doctoral degree (PhD).

Admission to the PhD Programme

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Approximately 80 candidates participate in the Law School’s research community. They work within one of the Law School’s research groups.

The programme

The full-time PhD programme lasts four years and consists mostly of independent research. Candidates may also have teaching responsibilities. The candidate finishes the research project with the defence of a publishable dissertation and thus earns his of her doctoral degree.

Applicants to a PhD position should possess a relevant master’s or equivalent degree; they will be selected primarily on their research skills.

PhD in the Netherlands

PhD positions in the Netherlands work differently than those in many other countries. See the University of Amsterdam’s introduction to PhD procedure in the Netherlands for general information, and Types of PhD positions for information on options at the Amsterdam Law School.

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