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Eureka! February 2016

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Results: 1 - 4 of 4
Results: 1 - 4 of 4
  • Alexander van de Minne
    Credit boom led to increase in house prices

    In his thesis Alexander van de Minne takes a closer look at the Dutch housing market. The relaxation of credit conditions has led to a huge increase of house prices, but according to the researcher there was no such thing as a bubble.

  • Oana Furtuna
    The effects of austerity measures on private sector confidence

    Is there a relationship between austerity measures and consumer confidence? And how does a fall in confidence result in a lower consumption? In her PhD, Oana Furtuna researches the expectational effects of fiscal consolidation.

  • Bram Kuijken
    Radically new products deserve a new label

    Producers of new products must be aware of perceived similarities with other products. Bram Kuijken wrote his PhD about the importance of the categorisation of new products.

  • Alexander Rinnooy Kan
    Discover new partnerships, within the Netherlands and abroad

    As co-chairman of the Dutch National Research Agenda, Alexander Rinnooy Kan worked to ‘create a map of curiosity, to inspire scientific research in a broad sense’.