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Eureka! June 2017

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Results: 1 - 4 of 4
Results: 1 - 4 of 4
  • Rutger Teulings
    Brexit hits the Netherlands relatively hard

    Leaving the European Union will mostly hurt the British themselves is the general belief. However, Brexit’s impact on Europe differs from one EU country to another, and the Netherlands loses an important trading partner and ally, says UvA ...

  • David Smerdon
    David Smerdon: ‘Theoretical models can help create interesting policy suggestions’

    David Smerdon had a clear goal when he swapped the Australian Treasury for the UvA: improve his knowledge of economics to do a better job in public policy. Mission more than accomplished. His thesis on the relationship between behavioural and ...

  • Mark Dijkstra
    Reduce the risks of big banks by regulating them, not by breaking them up

    Big banks have appeared to be a risk to financial stability. But with big banks operating more efficiently than smaller ones, reducing the size of big banks is not the answer, says researcher Mark Dijkstra. Strict regulation is a better solution.

  • Arnoud Boot
    Better to invest in academic excellence than to give protection to Dutch companies

    In response to recent attempts to take over AkzoNobel and Unilever, Dutch authorities now want to take measures to improve the protection of Dutch listed companies against unwelcome bidders. Professor Arnoud Boot is sceptical about these plans