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Eureka! June 2018

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Results: 1 - 4 of 4
Results: 1 - 4 of 4
  • Amsterdam Business School research
    Artificial intelligence needed to make sense of the heaps of big data information

    Big data is widely available these days. To help turn this into solutions, further progress in artificial intelligence is needed, says Evangelos Kanoulas, professor of Text Analytics & Information Retrieval. He intends to do his part, with a ...

  • Research Amsterdam School of Economics
    Central banks will need to refine their crisis models

    Current equilibrium models fail to predict business cycles correctly, claims University of Amsterdam professor Cars Hommes. Non-linear models incorporating human behaviour are the future.

  • Amsterdam Business School research
    Big data gets the right man or woman to the right place

    Assessing employees’ added value may help to optimize companies’ recruitment policies. A newly appointed assistant professor at the Amsterdam Business School, Colin Lee, has a special fascination for careers.

  • Amsterdam School of Economics research
    Only crises can trigger pension reforms

    Governments tend to postpone major interventions in pension systems. They are only prepared to adopt structural reforms when a major crisis occurs. UvA economists have come to this conclusion on the basis of a large-scale international study they ...