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Faculty of Science

Selection procedure

The application procedure closed on 4 February 2019.

Applications will be divided over the various Faculty research institutes. Each research institute has established a selection committee under the supervision of the institute director. This committee will assess all applications and references.

Each selection committee will draw up a top 2 or top 3 of the best candidates, depending on the number of applications for each discipline and the excellence of the candidates. These 2 to 3 candidates of the seven research institutes add up to a shortlist of about 18 to 20 candidates.  These candidates will be invited to spend a day at the Faculty in March/April 2019 (see below for the exact dates).

This day at the Faculty will consist of a public presentation to be held by the candidate in the morning and a 30 minute interview with the selection committee in the afternoon. The selection committee will consist of a female chair, institute directors, a MacGillavry fellow of a previous round and an official secretary (also see Composition of selection committee). Candidates will also take part in a supplementary programme compiled by the institute director.

Based on the presentations and selection interviews, the top 6 will be offered a fellowship.

Time schedule

  • 4 February 2019: closing date applications
  • 15 February: shortlist top 20 candidates announced
  • 25 March, 27 March, 8 April and 9 April 2019: presentation and selection meetings at the Faculty of Science

Selection committee

Chair: Prof. Sonja Smets
Members: Prof. Astrid Groot, Prof. Paul de Jong, Prof. Eric Opdam, Prof. Peter Schoenmakers, Prof. Marten Smidt, Dr Anna Watts, Prof. Annemarie van Wezel and Prof. Marcel Worring
Secretary: Eric Sennema