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Results: 1 - 19 of 19
  • Superheroes, Monsters and Nazi Cats
    29 Sep 2021 - 31 Dec 2021 09:00 - 20:00 Exhibition
    Be inspired to explore the comic strip collection yourself, get to know the medium and maybe even use it yourself during your study or research.
  • Drifting Studio Practice
    27 Oct 2021 10:00 PhD defence ceremony
    Mw. I.V. van Brummelen will defend the dissertation 'Drifting Studio Practice'. Supervisor is Prof. P.P.R.W. Pisters. The co-supervisor is Dr H.P. Slager.
  • Webinar: Transform your research-based idea
    28 Oct 2021 09:55 - 11:30 Workshop
    Your research activities leads to new ideas constantly. But translating these ideas into a plan of action to convert them into a practical innovation, product or service is usually challenging.
  • Liberalism’s Dangerous Religions. Enlightenment Legacies in Political Theory
    28 Oct 2021 16:00 PhD defence ceremony
    Mw. A.E.E. Blijdenstein will defend the dissertation 'Liberalism’s Dangerous Religions. Enlightenment Legacies in Political Theory'. Supervisor is Prof. H.Y.M. Jansen. The co-supervisor is Dr M.M. Leezenberg.
  • Man walking alone through a black-white-gray landscape with mountains and clouds.
    UvA Virtual Study Abroad Fair 2021 (online)
    30 Oct 2021 12:00 - 15:00 Event
    Would you like to study abroad? Join the UvA’s Study Abroad Fair and find the foreign destination that matches you and your academic goals the best.
  • Webinar: How to fund your idea
    4 Nov 2021 09:55 - 11:30 Workshop
    You have an idea for a research project or an innovative idea for a product/ service you want to develop but in both cases no money lying around to explore it.
  • Film screening Ghost World
    4 Nov 2021 18:30 - 21:00 Event
    Adapted for the screen by the creator of the comic book Daniel Clowes and directed by Terry Zwigoff (Crumb) this coming-of-age story of two teenage girls and a hopelessly inept jazz afficionado is as much a critique ...
  • UvA Master's Week
    6 Nov 2021 - 13 Nov 2021 Information event
    Get to know our Master's programmes, students and staff during live sessions on specific programmes.
  • Workshop Strip making
    8 Nov 2021 14:00 - 16:00 Workshop
    Ever since the comic was created, there have been many misunderstandings about how a comic is created. The idea that someone sits down at a drawing table, draws a number of pictures full and then makes the figures on ...
  • Git, Shell and R: an introduction to programming
    9 Nov 2021 - 11 Nov 2021 09:30 - 17:00 Course
    On 9 and 11 November there’s an online course for UvA researchers who want to get acquainted with computer programming. The course takes two full working days and will be organized by the Library in collaboration ...
  • Graphic image of a person with a big head thinking of career (LinkedIn, networking, career path, etc.) and in the background green and blue lines.
    UvA Career Day (online)
    10 Nov 2021 - 11 Nov 2021 Event
    Start your career journey at the UvA Career Day 2021. Join the interactive talks and workshops, and get your personal career advice. You receive useful tips and inspiring advice to kickstart your career. This year ...
  • Rationalization
    10 Nov 2021 14:00 PhD defence ceremony
    Dhr. J.L. Overwijk will defend the dissertation 'Rationalization: Paradoxes of Closure and Openness'. Supervisor is Prof. R.W. Boomkens. The co-supervisor is Prof. R. Celikates.
  • Prediction and Predicament
    16 Nov 2021 12:00 PhD defence ceremony
    Dhr. T.N. Kayzel will defend the dissertation 'Prediction and Predicament: Historicity, the State and Socio-Economic Planning in the Netherlands, 1917–1999'. Supervisor is Prof. H.O. Dijstelbloem. The co-supervisor ...
  • Workshop Make your own Science Comic
    16 Nov 2021 15:00 - 17:00 Workshop
    A researcher cannot take it for granted that the paper summarizing months, sometimes, years of research gets the attention it deserves. Comics can be a way to attract attention (from a broader audience). Comic artist ...
  • Webinar: Entrepreneurship in Science
    2 Dec 2021 09:55 - 11:30 Workshop
    For researchers eager to explore entrepreneurship and want to know more about the facilities university offers.
  • Webinar: Webinar: Why protect your invention?
    16 Dec 2021 09:55 - 11:30 Workshop
    Suppose you came up with a unique invention or innovation. Of course, you don't want someone else to run off with it. You may need to protect it to ensure commercial control over it.
  • UvA Master's Week
    12 Feb 2022 - 19 Feb 2022 Information event
    Get to know our Master's programmes, students and staff during live sessions on specific programmes.