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Gender and Sexuality

Below you can find a selection of some of our researchers with expertise in the field of gender and sexuality.

For specific questions or to get in touch with a researcher not listed on this page, please call the UvA Press Office on +31 (0)20 525 2695 or send an email to

Prof Henny Bos, Professor Sexual and Gender diversity in Families and Youth

Sexual and gender diversity in families

Henny Bos is a professor of Sexual and Gender Diversity in Families and Youth, and focuses in her research on families with parents of the same sex and on young people who belong to a sexual minority and/or are gender non-conforming.

Prof. H.M.W. (Henny) Bos

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Preventive Youth Care

Rights and recognition of transgender and intersex people

Anne Louise Schotel is a PhD candidate in Political Science. She focuses on political representations of sex, sexuality and gender identity in the Netherlands and Germany, with a focus on the rights and recognition of transgender and intersex people.

A.L. (Anne Louise) Schotel MSc

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Challenges to Democratic Representation

Promotion of women's and LGBTQ rights

Dr Hanna Muehlenhoff is an assistant professor in European Studies. She looks at the European Union's external relations from a feminist perspective, focusing on the promotion of women's and LGBTQ rights in Turkey, as well as the EU's security and defense policy.

Dr. H.L. (Hanna) Muehlenhoff

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Europese studies

Politicisation of gender and equality

Dr Conny Roggeband is an associate professor of Public Policy and Governance. She specialises in the politicisation of gender-based violence, gender mainstreaming and equality policies, social movements and transnational feminist networks. Her current research focuses on the relationship between (de-)democratisation and gender equality. This is based on research in Europe (the Netherlands, Spain, Central and Eastern Europe) and Latin America.

Dr. C.M. (Conny) Roggeband

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Transnational Configurations, Conflict and Governance