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dr. C. (Chiara) Cavallo

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Archeologie
Photographer: onbekend

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  • Turfdraagsterpad 9
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  • Postbus 94302
    1090 GE Amsterdam
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    Teaching and Research

    Dr. Chiara Cavallo is senior lecturer at the Amsterdams Archeologisch Centrum where she teaches various courses on issues and methodology of zooarcheaology, the study of animal remains found in archaeological excavations. She studied Archaeology at the University of Torino and specialized in zooarchaeology at the University of Amsterdam where she completed her PhD on the Late Neolithic subsistence strategies in northern Syria . She has done research of faunal material from various sites from Europe and the Near East , dating from the Mesolithic to the (post)medieval time. She is also involved in research programs relating the Romanization and the food provision to the roman army of the Northwestern area of the Netherlands and in studies of faunal remains from a number of Dutch sites. Her research interests and teaching lie in the relation between man and animals within an historical and ecological perspective.

    Selected publications

    Cavallo C. 2000. Animals in the Steppe - A zooarchaeological analysis of later Neolithic Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria . British Archaeological Reports, International Series S891.

    Cavallo C. 2000. The role of animals in a Neolithic agricultural system in the ancient Jezira in: R.M. Jas, ed., Rainfall and Agriculture in northern Mesopotamia: proceeding of the third MOS Symposium ( Leiden 1999). Nederlands Historisch-Archaeologisch Instituut , Instanbul, pp. 71-87.

    L.H. van Wijngaarden-Bakker, C. Cavallo , Th.van Kolfschoten, C.H Maliepaard, J.F.S Oversteegen, 2001. Zoogdieren, vogels, reptielen, in: L.P.Louwe Kooijmans, ed., Archeologie in de Betuweroute Hardinxveld-Giessendam Polderweg. Een Mesolitische jachtkamp in het rivierengebieden (5500-5000 v.Chr.). ROB Rapportage Archeologische Monumentzorg 83, Amersfoort.


    Cavallo C. and H.A. Hiddink, 2003. Het dierlijk botmateriaal, in: H.A. Hiddink, ed., Het grafritueel in de Late IJzertijd en Romeinse tijd in het Maas-Demer- Scheldegebied, in het bijzonder van twee grafvelden bij Weert , Amsterdam, pp. 167-180 .

    P. M.M.G. Akkermans, R. Cappers, C. Cavallo, O. Nieuwenhuyse, B. Nilhamn, and I. N. Otte, 2005, Investigating the early pottery Neolithic of northern Syria: new evidence from Tell Sabi Abyad, American Journal of Archaeology 110:123-156.  

    Cavallo C., L.I. Kooistra and M.K. Dütting, 2008, Food supply to the Roman army in the Rhine delta in the first century AD, in: S. Stallibrass and R.Thomas, eds., Feeding the RomanArmy, Oxbow Books, Oxford .

  • Publications



    • Cavallo, C. (2016). Dierlijke resten. In J. Gawronski, & R. Jayasena (Eds.), Het eiland Marken in Amsterdam: veranderingen in de stad 1592-1930: Archeologische Opgraving Valkenburgerstraat 130-146, Amsterdam (2011-2012) (pp. 73-78). (Amsterdamse Archeologische Rapporten (AAR); Vol. 90). Monumenten en Archeologie, gemeente Amsterdam. [details]
    • Moesker, T., & Cavallo, C. (2016). Dierlijk bot. In M. F. P. Dijkstra, A. A. A. Verhoeven, & K. C. J. van Straten (Eds.), Nieuw licht op Leithon: Archeologisch onderzoek naar de vroegmiddeleeuwse bewoning in plangebied Leiderdorp-Plantage (pp. 575-624). (Themata; Vol. 8). Amsterdam. [details]


    • van Dinter, M., Kooistra, L. I., Dütting, M. K., van Rijn, P., & Cavallo, C. (2014). Could the local population of the Lower Rhine delta supply the Roman army? Part 2: Modelling the carrying capacity using archaeological, palaeo-ecological and geomorphological data. Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries, 5(1), 5-50. [details]


    • Kooistra, L. I., van Dinter, M., Dütting, M. K., van Rijn, P., & Cavallo, C. (2013). Could the local population of the Lower Rhine delta supply the Roman army? Part 1: The archaeological and historical framework. Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries, 4(2), 5-23. [details]


    • Blonk, A. L., Cavallo, C., Fischer, A. D., van Londen, H., Renes, H., Symonds, J., & Visser, R. M. (2018). Stadslandbouw en ruralisering in (post-)middeleeuwse steden: Deel 1: inventarisatie en evaluatie fase 1. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details]


    • Cavallo, C. (2011). Adellijke eetgewoonten: de vorstelijke palts van Zutphen: zoöarcheologisch onderzoek naar de dierlijke resten van Huize van de Kasteele, Zutphen (1994-1995). (Zutphense Archeologische Publicatie; No. 67). Zutphen: Gemeente Zutphen. [details]
    • Cavallo, C., & van Londen, H. (Accepted/In press). About animal husbandry in the Roman period in Midden-Delfland based on zoological remains. (BIAXiaal; No. 549). Zaandam: BIAX.


    • Cavallo, C. (2012). De dierlijke botresten. In A. J. Tol, & B. Jansen (Eds.), Sleuven door de delta van de Oude Rijn: plangebied Nieuw Valkenburg, gemeente Katwijk: inventariserend veldonderzoek door middel van proefsleuven (pp. 269-290). (Archol-rapport; No. 172). Leiden: Archol. [details]


    • Cavallo, C. (2018). Dichotomy between pastoral and sedentary people? what animal bones can tell.


    • Cavallo, C. (2016). The Merovingian levels from the area De Plantage in Leiderdorp (Leiden – NL). Paper presented at Cherchez la petite bête. L’animal au haut Moyen Âge. 37es journées internationales d’archéologie mérovingienne, Saint-Didier, France.

    Journal editor

    • Cavallo, C. (editor) (2018-2019). Open Access Journal of Archaeology & Anthropology (OAJAA) (Journal).

    Talk / presentation

    • Cavallo, C. (invited speaker) (22-1-2011). Food & wood supply for the Roman army in the Lower Rhine delta, AD 40-140: conclusive remarks and discussion, International Exploratory Workshop „Calculations in Archae(bio)logy“, 19.-22. Januar 2011 in Augst-Kastelen, Augst-Kastelen.


    • Symonds, J. (organiser), Cavallo, C. (organiser), Bakker, J. (organiser), Çakirlar, C. (organiser) & Filioglou, D. (organiser) (12-12-2019). Historical Questions - Zooarchaeological Answers, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Historical questions - zooarchaeological answers is the second joint workshop co-organized by the University of Amsterdam and the University of (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Cavallo, C. (participant), Symonds, J. (organiser) & Çakirlar, C. (organiser) (7-6-2018 - 8-6-2018). New Zooarchaeology: New Perspectives on Past Human- Animal Relationships, Groningen, Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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