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Dr K. (Kadir) Dede

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Europese studies

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  • Kloveniersburgwal 48
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    Kadir Dede is a post-doc researcher at UvA as a TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) fellow with his research project titled “Diaspora, Religious Identity and Everyday Life: Rethinking Turkish Nationalism in the Netherlands.” In addition to examining banal nationalism in a diasporic case, the project aims to compare the impact of religious and national identity on the Turkish community. The definition of Turkishness for Turkish migrants in Europe / the Netherlands is a productive topic since it overlaps with debates on the relationship between nation and religion, integration and otherization, Islam and Christianity etc. Moreover, the effects and reproduction of diasporic nationalism are not independent of everyday life and behaviors of diasporic groups and this makes an empiric research necessary which the research project aims to achieve. 

    Kadir is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of Hacettepe University where he received his Ph.D. in Political Science with his dissertation on the role of the novel in Turkish nation-building process in early republican period (2015).  He teaches on nationalism, art and politics, memory and memoirs, everyday life in Turkey and Turkish modernization. His main academic interests are political thought in Turkey (specifically on Turkish nationalism and socialism), theories of nationalism, Turkish literature, popular culture, urban life, and nostalgia which are also topics of his articles that published in different journals and editions. He is also co-editor of the books Utopias – The Intersection of Politics and Desire (2018), and Comparative Studies and Regionally-Focused Cases Examining Local Governments (2016). 

  • Publications
    • Aksu Bora & Kadir Dede (eds.) (2018). Ütopyalar – Politikayla Arzunun Kesiştiği Yer [Utopias – The Intersection of Politics and Desire]. İstanbul: İletişim Yayınları.
    • Uğur Sadioğlu & Kadir Dede (eds.) (2016). Comparative Studies and Regionally-Focused Cases Examining Local Governments. PA: IGI Publishing.
    • Uğur Sadioğlu & Kadir Dede (eds.) (2016). Theoretical Foundations and Discussions on the Reformation Process in Local Governments. PA: IGI Publishing.


    • Kadir Dede. (2018). “Ütopya, Nostalji, Yas: Erken Cumhuriyet Döneminden Gelecek Tahayyüleri.” [Utopia, Nostalgia, Lament: Future Imagination of Early Republican Era.]  in Ütopyalar – Politikayla Arzunun Kesiştiği Yer [Utopias – The Intersection of Politics and Desire]. İstanbul: İletişim, pp. 285-316.
    • Kadir Dede. (2017). “Altmışlı Yılların Anayasal Gündemi ya da Bir Siyasal Özne Olarak 1961 Anayasası”. [The Constitutional Agenda of 1960s or 1961 Constitution as a Political Object]. in Türkiye’nin 1960’lı Yılları [1960s in Turkey]. Mete Kaan Kaynar (ed.). İstanbul: İletişim, pp. 809-845.
    • Kadir Dede. (2017). “Erken Cumhuriyet Döneminde Ulus İnşası ve Tarihî Romanlar: Savaşçı, Medeni ve Millî Kahraman.” [Nation-Building and Historical Novels in the Early Republican Period: Warrior, Civilized and National Hero]. Kebikeç – İnsan Bilimleri için Kaynak Araştırmaları Dergisi [Kebikeç – Journal of Reference Studies for Humanities] (44): 91-112.
    • Kadir Dede. (2016). "A Way of Opposition: Turkish Literature and Instrumental Madness." in Muses, Mystics, Madness - The Diagnosis and Celebration of Mental Illness. Anna Klambauer (ed.) Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, pp. 79-88.
    • Kadir Dede (2015). “’Erkek Doğmadık Diye Yurdumuza Küs müyüz?’ – Halkevi Sahnelerinden Kadın Kesitleri”. [‘Are We On The Outs with Our Country’: Women Profiles from People Houses’ Theatre]. in Milliyetçilik ve Toplumsal Cinsiyet – Edebiyat, Medya, Siyaset [Nationalism and Gender – Literature, Media and Politics]. Simten Coşar & Aylin Özman (eds.) İstanbul: İletişim, pp. 257-288.
    • Aylin Özman & Kadir Dede (2012). “Türk Sağı ve Masonluğun Söylemsel İnşası: İktidar, Bilinmezlik, Komplo.” [Turkish Right and The Discoursive Construction of Masonry: Power, Obscurity, Conspiracy] in Türk Sağı – Mitler, Fetişler, Düşman İmgeleri [Turkish Right – Myths, Fetishes, Enemy Images]. Güven G. Özkan & İnci Ö. Kerestecioğlu (eds.) İstanbul: İletişim, pp. 169-202.


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