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Ms I. (Iris) Duinmeijer MA

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Taalwetenschap
Photographer: Eduard Lampe

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    1000 BP Amsterdam
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    Description of the PhD research project

    In september 2011, I started working on the PhD-project entitled 'Persistent problems in SLI; rule learning or rule implementation'. Within this project, we aim to test a theoretical claim about the basis of Specific Language Impairments (SLI), namely that a processing problem impedes the initial acquisition of grammatical rules in SLI, but also affects the implementation of these rules once the rules have been learned. It is hypothesized that as children with SLI become older, their grammatical knowledge will increase, but performance will persistently fall short in contexts where the processing load is high.

    Bishop (1994) already proposed the idea that grammatical markers in children with SLI are more vulnerable in specific contexts that involve a heavier cognitiveload, such as increased sentence length or complexity. Several studies have been published since that seem to confirmthis idea of performance problems in SLI when cognitive demands exceed.

    Using three grammatical variables that have been shown to be vulnerable in SLI (verbal inflection, gender assignment and wh-movement), I will try to determine whether children with SLI and typically developing (TD) children have knowledge of the grammatical rule concerned and to what extent implementation of the rule is affected by processing load. Experimental tasks will be administered to two groups of Dutch children with SLI (7-8 years and 11-12 years) and two groups of TD children in the same age range. It is hypothesized that children with SLI will be more affected by processing load than TD children, and that the older children will show a larger gap between knowledge and performance (with knowledge increasing but performance persistently falling short).

    By performing this project, we hope to gain more insight into the basis of Specific Language Impairment and the persistent problems within this disorder. More generally, the project will contribute to insights in the learnability of language, by making a distinction between implementation and knowledge. Furthermore, results of this project are expected to be valuable for clinical practice.

    Teaching experience

    2014 Workshop at the '6e Ecole internationale d'été en logopédie/orthophonie', a summer school for language and speech therapists, Neuchatel - Switserland - 'Specific Language Impairments in Adolescence - a clinical perspective' 

    2014 Werkcollege Matching Taalwetenschap, Universiteit van Amsterdam

    2014 Gastcollege BA-module 'Stagnatie in de Taalontwikkeling', UPvA, Universiteit van Amsterdam - 'Taalontwikkelingsstoornissen'  

    2013 Docent BA-module Taal- & Spraakontwikkeling, Universiteit van Amsterdam,  gedeeld docentschap met Akke de Blauw en Mirjam de Jonge

    2013 Gastcollege BA-module 'Morfologie Syntaxis', Universiteit van Amsterdam - 'Relatieve bijzinnen'

    2012 Gastcollege master Logopediewetenschap, Universiteit Utrecht - 'Verklaringen voor primaire taalstoornissen (SLI) en de rol van meertaligheid hierin', in samenwerking met Elma Blom

  • Publications

    Duinmeijer, I. (2013). Persistent problems in SLI: which grammatical problems remain when children grow older?, Linguistics in Amsterdam, 6, 1, 28-48

    Duinmeijer, I., de Jong, J. & A.R. Scheper (2012). Narrative abilities and memory and attention in children with a Specific Language Impairment, International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, 47, 5, 542-555

    Weerman F., I. Duinmeijer & A. Orgassa (2011). Effecten van SLI op Nederlandse congruentie, Nederlandse Taalkunde. 16, 1, 30-55


    In revision

    Rispens, J.E., Baker, A.E. & Duinmeijer, I. (in revision). Phonological probability and neighborhood density in (sub)lexical processing: evidence from typical and disordered development, Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research 

    Duinmeijer, I. & Franssen, A. (in revision). 'Kenmerken van TOS bij pubers/adolescenten', In: Herziening van het boek Taalontwikkelingsstoornissen van Leen Van den Dungen & Verboog, 1991 



  • Presentations and posters

    Duinmeijer (october 2014). Knowledge and performance of grammatical rules in children and adolescents with SLI, Workshop on Specific Language Impairment, Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference (ERP), Madrid, Spain 

    Duinmeijer & Weerman (juli 2014), Knowledge and performance of grammatical rules in adolescent SLI, 13th International Congress for the Study of Child Language (IASCL), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Duinmeijer (juli 2014)  Grammatical problems in adolescents with a Specific Language Impairment, 6e Ecole internationale d'été en logopédie/orthophonie, Neuchatel, Switserland (invited speaker)

    Duinmeijer, de Jong, Baker & Weerman (june 2014). ‘The acquisition of relative clauses in Dutch typically developing and language disordered populations’, Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders (SRCLD), Madison, USA (poster)

    Duinmeijer, Baker, de Jong & Weerman (april 2014). Perception and production of subject verb agreement in children and adolescents with and without SLI, Workshop on Late Stages in Speech and Communication Development (LSCD), UCL, London, England

    Duinmeijer (november 2013). Remembering strings and inhibiting hand shapes: executive functions in Dutch children with SLI, Workshop EF and language, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Duinmeijer (october 2013). Studying grammatical problems in SLI: an example of psycholinguistic research, Farewell symposium Anne Baker, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Duinmeijer (june 2013). Working memory and inhibition in Dutch children with SLI,  EUCLDIS, Wassenaar, The Netherlands (poster)

    Duinmeijer (june 2013). Working memory and inhibition in Dutch children with SLI,  Child Language Seminar, Manchester, England (poster)

    Duinmeijer (may 2013). Working memory and inhibition in Dutch children with SLI, Final conference COST-action IS0804, Krakow, Poland (poster)

    Duinmeijer, I. (february 2013). Measuring inhibition and visuo-spatial working memory in Dutch children with SLI and typically developing peers,  COST-meeting of IS0804, Lisbon, Portugal (presentation)

    Duinmeijer, I. (november 2012). Persistent problems in SLI: rule learning or rule implementation?, Alumnidag Taalwetenschap, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (poster)

    Duinmeijer, I. (april 2012). Taal als interdisciplinair fenomeen, Carrièredag Beta-Gamma, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (presentation)

    Duinmeijer, I. & Scheper, A.R. (september 2011). ' Pragmatische ontwikkeling', lecture Kwaliteitskring voor Kinderrevalidatie, Leiden, The Netherlands (presentation)

    Duinmeijer, I., Scheper, A.R., de Jong, J. de & Wal, A. ter (july 2011). '(Re)telling astory; the role of auditory attention and memory in Dutch children with SLI' , International Association for the Study of Child Language (IASCL), Montréal, Canada (poster)

    Weerman, F., Duinmeijer, I. & Orgassa, A. (may, 2011). Inflectional problems in older children with SLI , EUCLDIS 2011, Chalkidiki, Greece (presentation)

    Scheper, A.R. & Duinmeijer, I. (november 2010). ' Aan de haal met een verhaal. Vertelvaardigheid van kinderen met en zonder taalstoornis' , NVLF-congres Logopedie, Ede, The Netherlands (presentation)

    Duinmeijer, I. & Scheper, A.R. (september 2010). 'Ging de bus rije en de kikker stiekem eruit. Een vergelijking van vertelvaardigheid bij kinderen met SLI en leeftijdgenoten', Lustrum Symposium Vereniging voor Klinische Linguïstiek (VKL), Utrecht, The Netherlands (presentation)

    Duinmeijer, I. (february 2010). ' Vertelvaardigheid van kinderen met een taalstoornis', WAP-conferentie 'Taalontwikkeling en de maatschappij, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (presentation)

    Duinmeijer, I. (january 2010). ' Narrative abilities, auditory attention and verbal short term memory in children with SLI and their TD peers', Anéla Juniorendag, Leiden, The Netherlands (poster)

    Escudero, P., Duinmeijer, I., Velde, H. van den & Adank, P. (july 2009). ' Predicting and explaining problems in L2 vowel perception: the case of Spanish learners of Dutch', 7th International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB7), Utrecht, The Netherlands (presentation)


    Slides or posters are available upon request

  • Other activities

    january 2010 - present                             Klinisch linguïst, Spraak & Taal Ambulatorium, Koninklijke Kentalis, Eindhoven

    december 2010 - june 2013                    Eindredacteur nieuwsbrief Werkverband Amsterdamse Psycholinguïsten 

    december 2008 - december 2010        Redacteur nieuwsbrief Werkverband Amsterdamse Psycholinguïsten

  • Publications


    • Rispens, J., Baker, A., & Duinmeijer, I. (2015). Word Recognition and Nonword Repetition in Children with Language Disorders: The Effects of Neighborhood Density, Lexical Frequency, and Phonotactic Probability. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 58(1), 78-92. [details]



    • Weerman, F., Duinmeijer, I., & Orgassa, A. (2011). Effecten van SLI op Nederlandse congruentie. Nederlandse Taalkunde, 16(1), 30-55. [details]


    • Duinmeijer, I., & Franssen, A. (Accepted/In press). Pubers en adolescenten met een taalontwikkelingsstoornis (hoofdstuk 2.5). In L. van den Dungen, & M. Verboog (Eds.), Kinderen met taalontwikkelingsstoornissen (4e ed.). Bussum: Coutinho.


    • Duinmeijer, I. (2013). Persistent problems in SLI: which grammatical problems remain when children grow older? Linguistics in Amsterdam, 6, 28-48. [details]


    • Duinmeijer, I. (2017). Persistent grammatical difficulties in Specific Language Impairment: Deficits in knowledge or in knowledge implementation?. Utrecht: LOT. [details]
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