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S.H. (Sal) Hagen

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Media & Cultuur

Visiting address
  • Turfdraagsterpad 15
Postal address
  • Postbus 94550
    1090 GN Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Work

    PhD candidate researching online politcial subcultures at OILab and ODYCCEUS.


    [1 Oct. 2019 - Fall 2023] - PhD candidate, NWO PhD in the Humanities
    [1 Aug. 2018 - current] - Researcher, ODYCCEUS Horizon 2020 project, University of Amsterdam (1 fte).
    [1 Aug. 2017 - current] - Researcher and co-founder, Open Intelligence Lab (


    [Oct. - Dec. 2018] - Co-teacher, “New Media Theories Research Seminar: The Deep Vernacular Web” (MA course, with Daniël de Zeeuw and dr. Marc Tuters).
    [Oct. - Dec. 2017] - Teaching assistant, “New Media Theories Research Seminar: The Great Meme War” (MA course, with dr. Marc Tuters). Organised a mini-conference at SPUI25, Amsterdam (speakers: Geert Lovink, Florian Cramer, Dimitri Tokmetzis, Daniël de Zeeuw)


    [10 - 11 Dec. 2018] - Speaker, “Global Perspectives on Extreme Speech Online” workshop, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich, Germany.
    [18 - 20 Oct. 2018] - Speaker, ODYCCEUS conference “Hate Speech and Big Data”, Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice, Italy.
    [20 - 21 Aug. 2018] - Speaker, Vox Pol conference “Violent Extremism, Terrorism, and the Internet: Present and Future Trends”, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    [1 - 7 Feb. 2018] - Speaker, “transmediale 2018: face value”, Berlin, Germany.

    Honours & prizes

    [1 Nov. 2018] - Winner 2018 KHMW Internet thesis prize (MA thesis, category social sciences and humanities).
    [1 Nov. 2018] - Winner audience prize for thesis presentation during the 2018 KHMW meeting “Internet en Rechtsstaat”.
    [1 Aug. 2016] - Graduated cum laude, BA Language and Culture Studies, Utrecht University.

    Summer/winter schools

    [1 - 7 Jan. 2019] - Organiser and facilitator, Digital Methods Winter School 2019.
    [2 - 13 July 2018] - Participant, Digital Methods Summer School 2018.
    [8 - 12 January 2018] - Facilitator, Digital Methods Winter School 2018.
    [26 June - 7 July 2017] - Facilitator, Digital Methods Summer School 2017.
    [6 - 10 March 2017] - Participant, “A Field Guide to Fake News” Digital Methods Data Sprint 2017.
    [9 - 13 January 2017] - Participant, Digital Methods Winter School 2017.

  • Publications


    • Hagen, S. H., & Stauff, M. (2021). Enhancing #TdF2017: Cross-media controversies and forensic fandom during live sports events. Convergence : The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 1-22.
    • Tuters, M., & Hagen, S. (Accepted/In press). Us and (((them))): Extreme memes and anti-Semitism on 4Chan. In S. Udupa, I. Gagliardone, & P. Hervik (Eds.), Digital Hate: The Global Conjuncture of Extreme Speech Indiana University Press.


    • Hagen, S., de Keulenaar, E., Peeters, S., Tuters, M., Willaert, T., & Wilson, J. (2020). Transcoding between hyper-antagonistic milieus: Studies on the cross-platform relations between radical political web subcultures. In Selected Papers in Internet Research 2020: Research from the Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research; Vol. 2020). Association of Internet Researchers. [details]
    • Tuters, M., & Hagen, S. (2020). (((They))) rule: Memetic antagonism and nebulous othering on 4chan. New Media & Society, 22(12), 2218-2237. [details]
    • de Zeeuw, D., Hagen, S. H., Peeters, S. C. J., & Jokubauskaite, E. (2020). Tracing Normiefication: A Cross-Platform Analysis of the QAnon Conspiracy Theory. First Monday, 25(11).


    • Peeters, S. C. J., & Hagen, S. H. (2021). The 4CAT Capture and Analysis Toolkit: A Modular Tool for Transparent and Traceable Social Media Research. Manuscript submitted for publication.



    • Hagen, S., & Jokubauskaite, E. (2019). Dutch junk news on Reddit and 4chan/pol/. In R. Rogers, & S. Niederer (Eds.), Politiek en sociale media manipulatie = The Politics of Social Media Manipulation (pp. 116-151). Den Haag: Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties. [details]


    • Peeters, S. C. J., Hagen, S. H., & Jokubauskaitė, E. (2020). Conducting quali-quantitative research with 4CAT: Capturing and Analysis Toolkit. Paper presented at The 2020 International AAAI Conference On Web and Social Media, Atlanta, United States.


    • Peeters, S. C. J., Hagen, S. H., & Tuters, M. D. (2019). Extracting And Analysing The Sewer Of The Internet: On Archiving Ephemeral Imageboards. Poster session presented at AoIR flashpoint symposium Below the Radar: Private Groups, Locked Platforms and Ephemeral Content, Urbino, Italy.

    Media appearance


    • Peeters, S., Hagen, S. & Das, P. (20-2-2020). Salvaging the Internet Hate Machine: Using the discourse of extremist online subcultures to identify emergent extreme speech. Zenodo.
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  • Ancillary activities
    • Zelfstandig
      Freelance werk voor webdevelopment en data-onderzoek.